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This is one of the well-known shipping and offshore operation company in UAE. Basic modules include human resource management, documents expiry tracking and leaves management. Human resource management is basically created mainly for the employees of the management and also to keep track of their performance. Document expiry tracking is generally designed for alerting the employee about his visa or passport expiry date. The leave management is generally calculated on the basis of labor law.


General modules include staff memo, payroll calculation and salary structure. Staff memo is generally replaced as DOT (Disciplinary offence in Table). The salary structure consists of following parameters: – basic salary, HRA (House Rent Allowance), CA (Conveyance allowance) and COL (Cost of Living Allowance). Payroll calculation generally calculates payroll and one day deduction on the basis of average days per months in a year.

There are various modules like SIF file routing, overtime calculation and employee self-service module. The SIF file routing generally consist of multiple bank accounts. Overtime calculation are calculated on the basis of normal day, holiday and overtime. In employee self service module integration is performed with compatible time attendance machine from one central consolidated database. It also maintains separate employee master for Marine employees.