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Our ERP for retail industry was installed for a leading company in UAE. A leading Retail Industry in the United Arab Emirates, which has more than 5000 stores all over the world, makes them the largest convenience store. Their management was keen to improve their retail services, which are delivered to their customers, and they have provided tremendous efforts. In order to maintain and streamline their processes they procured FactsERP, which gave them an adequate platform to run their process in such a way that their requirements could be met.


FactsERP is developed using Microsoft .Net framework with SQL Server to run on database backend engine. The overall trading and distribution activities include the procurement from suppliers, inventory management and sales to the customers.


FactsERP provides an organized solution for departments like Account and HR. Accounting module tracks all the payments and accounts receivables. To achieve further efficiency in tracking, Voucher like Journal Voucher (JV), Receipt Voucher (RV), Payment Voucher (PV), Petty Cash Voucher (PCV) are also used.