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With a total of 540 subsidiaries and equity investments, in which every segment occupies a leading position in their respective markets, they need a stable HR and Payroll management solution. Since that happens to be the reason for their success, they were very particular in choosing the right solution and provider. After rigorous evaluation, Facts HR and payroll management ERP software solution was finalized and found appropriate to match their requirement.


Facts HR and Payroll Management Solution is developed using Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 with MS SQL Server as backend database engine. It provides a sophisticated solution to keep track on staff or labor details so the administration team doesn’t miss out on any timeline, which is the KEY business rule. Apart from the basic modules, the FactsSHARP also provides ample features to track document expiry dates and proper settlement calculations that is required to derive gratuity amounts as per the UAE labor laws. Time and Attendance punching is an added integrated module developed in Facts HR and Payroll Management Solution. The leave policies are maintained as per the region and as per the respective labor laws, they differ from one to another. Annual Leave accrual is calculated accordingly.