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Specializing in the fields of Cyber Security, Cyber Operations, and Signal Intelligence to public as well as private sector, this management has taken the initiatives to improve their services, which are delivered to their customers. In order to maintain and streamline their processes they procured FactsERP, which gave them an adequate platform to run their process according to their requirement.


The solution has been implemented using Microsoft tools such as Microsoft .Net and MS SQL server. The core modules include transaction phases, reports, HR and payrolls and finally utilities. Transactions modules deal with financial related details including receipts, payment, petty cash payments, and vouchers. A customized and filtering mechanism is offered to get exceptional reports on financial details. HR & Payroll modules manifest the overall HR and payroll related and their managing activity.


This ERP solution consistently evaluates the business processes to support a friendly environment that improves customer and employee satisfaction. Documents involved for purchases and sales are Purchase Requisition (PR), Purchase Orders (PO), Goods Receipt Notes (GRN), Purchase Invoices (PI), Sales Enquiry (SE), Sales Orders (SO), Sales Invoices (SI) and Sales Return (SR). Some of the basic HR and Payroll modules are employee master, salary structure, temporary allowance, overtime calculation, payroll settlement and SIF file generation.