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A community based organization, which offers the most valuable experiences and exciting environment that celebrates diversity and also provides a Learning Community that supports the attainment of excellence, has installed FactsSHARP – a HR and Human Resource/Payroll management solution to manage their Human Resource Capital which has more than 1K employees..


This ERP incorporates some of the basic modules such as Human Resource Management (HRM), Document Expiry Tracking (DET), Leaves Management (LM), Payroll Calculation (PC), WPS/ SIF file generation, Loan Management (LM). Human Resource Management (HRM) maintains all the employees detailed records and also keep track of their individual performances. The salary structure consists of following parameters: – basic salary, HRA (House Rent Allowance), CA (Conveyance allowance) and COL (Cost of Living Allowance). Leave management keeps track on timesheet entries and overtime calculation.