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Establishing great success in the Middle East and India, this organization has become synonymous with quality service and products, and delivers dynamics and demand for Commercial Kitchen Equipment and Bakery Equipment in the exclusive market. In order to manage their HR and Payroll activities they have opted to install FactsSHARP Software Solution.


FactsSHARP is a HR & Payroll Management Software is developed using the latest Microsoft.NET framework with Microsoft SQL Server as the Back-End database Engine. It includes some Core modules such as Salary Structure, Allowances/Deductions, Salary Advance/Loan, Salary Register, Payslip and SIF report. FactsSHARP provides an efficacious support to maintain integrity on permanent as well as contract based employee details. The attendance status displays the number of employees who are present, full day absent, early out, and who are on leave. OT calculation is maintained for employees who wait after the working hours. FactsSHARP helps all the employees to Plan, Advice, Maintain in-order to standardized solutions in modular form.