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A reputed vegetables and fruits retailer from UAE wanted a best-in-class technology solution for managing their day-to-day business processes. FactsBMS, our business management software for the retail industry in UAE, is a full-fledged software application to manage their sales and purchase activities. FactsBMS versions are developed using Microsoft Visual Basic with SQL Server as its backend.


The sales process begins with sales enquiry. Then the sales quotation with delivery items is prepared after comparing the supplier and market prices. The sales process is bifurcated into pre-sales and post-sales activities. Sales enquiry, purchase enquiry, sales quotation and purchase quotation are grouped into pre-sales process. Order for production and goods receipt note generation are grouped into post-sales process. Our FactsBMS system perfectly manages both pre-sales and post-sale tasks. Purchase requisition process is controlled by the business management software by verifying the availability of products in inventory. Likewise, petty expenses are recorded in journals and accounts books with closing balance at end of the day.