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This firm is a renowned UAE based garment trading company. The company was looking for a superior software solution to handle their garment trading and distributing activities. FactsERP provided all the functional features required for them.


FactsERP is developed using advanced Microsoft .NET framework with SQL server as its database. In general, Sales enquiry, Sales order, Sales invoice and Sales return are the key processes involved in a sales life cycle. Our FactsERP system interconnects them all. For example, the Purchase invoice makes an increase in inventory and accounts payable is also credited. Similarly, the purchase returns are calculated on the basis of purchase invoice. In this system, the Goods Receipt note clearly indicates the items required to initiate the production process. All the vouchers like Journal, Receipt, Payment, etc. are maintained to regulate the accounts.


Thus, all the services are reviewed, redesigned, developed, controlled and maintained using the FactsERP system so as to meet and exceed the expectations of clients.