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1702: Leading Auto Spare Parts Company In UAE Started Using FactsERP

This case study highlights the successful implementation and development of FactsERP, Enterprise Application Software (EAS), and an eCommerce website for the leading auto spare parts company in the UAE.  The company, a leading player in the wholesale and retail trade of luxury vehicle spare parts, faced numerous challenges in managing its operations efficiently. The project aimed to address these challenges by optimizing various cycles such as service management, procurement, enterprise application software (EAS), sales, workshop, inventory management, finance, and HR/payroll activities. Through the comprehensive ERP solution (FactsERP) and eCommerce platform, the company achieved streamlined operations and improved productivity, ultimately enhancing their customer service and overall business performance.


The company was facing the numerous challenges listed below:

Service Management Cycle

They were having inefficient car receiving sheets, job card creation, vehicle inspection sheets, and estimation document processes. Also lack of a streamlined customer approval system. Experiencing difficulty in checking inventory availability and generating service invoices. 

Procurement Cycle

They were facing challenges in processes like purchase acquisition and S2S analysis. Exhibit poor handling of purchase orders (PO), goods received notes (GRN), and purchase invoices due to lack of an ERP system.


They were having lack options for sales quotations, sales orders, delivery orders, sales invoices, and sales return processes. 


They were lacking coordination in the management of job cards and work cards. Also, lack of options for handling parts, labor, and sub-contract operations.

Inventory Management

The client was having problems with managing their inventory module, including stock transfer vouchers (STV), stock adjustment vouchers (SAV), and physical stock take (PSV).

Financial Accounting

The client was having problems with handling their financial operations, including receipt vouchers (RV), Payment Voucher (PV), petty cash vouchers (PCV), Credit notes (CN), Debit notes (DN), Journal vouchers (JV), and PDC maturity posting.

HR And Payroll Processes

The client was having problems with managing their HR and payroll activities, including managing salary structure, managing absence entry and attendance, temporary allowance, loan/ salary advance, temporary deduction, overtime entry, payment settlements, and SIF file generation.


To address the company’s operational challenges comprehensively, we implemented an ERP software solution, and an Enterprise Application Software (EAS). This solution incorporated modules to enhance service management, procurement, EAS functionality, sales, workshop management, inventory control, financial operations, HR, and payroll activities. Additionally, an eCommerce website was developed to facilitate seamless online transactions and customer engagement. 

Service Management Module

We incorporate a service management module that can streamline car receiving sheets, job card creation, vehicle inspection sheets, and estimation documents. With an improved customer approval system and real-time inventory availability checks and efficient service invoice generation.

Procurement Module

We enhanced their purchase acquisition and S2S analysis, optimized purchase orders, goods receipt notes, and purchase invoice processes.

Sales Module

Introduced options for sales quotation, sales order, delivery order, sales invoice, and sales return processes.

Inventory Module

Streamlined stock transfer vouchers (STV), stock adjustment vouchers (SAV), and physical stock take processes.

Accounting Module

Efficient management of receipt vouchers (RV), payment vouchers (PV), petty cash vouchers (PCV), credit notes (CN), debit notes (DN), journal vouchers(JV), and PDC maturity postings.

HR And Payroll Module

Streamlined management of salary structures, absence entries, attendance tracking, temporary allowances, loan/salary advances, temporary deductions, overtime entries, payment settlements, and SIF file generation.


Through the implementation of a comprehensive ERP solution (FactsERP) and the development of an integrated eCommerce website, the leading auto spare parts company in Dubai successfully addressed their operational challenges. FactsERP enabled streamlined processes across various cycles, resulting in enhanced efficiency, improved customer service, and overall business performance. The project exemplifies the value of an integrated technology solution in optimizing operations and supporting growth in the competitive auto spare parts industry.