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1752: ERP Software Implementation for UAE’s Leading Medical Equipment Trading Company

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving medical equipment industry, accurate diagnosis and cutting-edge technologies are crucial for staying ahead. Our client, one of the leading medical equipment companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), was at the forefront of developing new technologies for accurate diagnosis. However, they were facing numerous operational challenges that hindered their growth and efficiency. To overcome these challenges and streamline their processes, they approached us for FactsERP implementation. Our goal was to provide them with a comprehensive solution that addressed their specific pain points and improve overall business operations.


Prior to implementing the FactsERP, the client encountered several challenges across different aspects of their business operations:

Import and Local Purchase Cycle

The client faced difficulties in managing their import and local purchase cycles efficiently. Coordinating with multiple suppliers and ensuring timely delivery of medical equipment components proved to be a cumbersome task.

Sales Cycle (Export/Local)

The sales cycle presented complexities, especially when dealing with exports and local sales. The client struggled with order processing, invoicing, and tracking deliveries accurately.

Store Management

Inventory management was a significant challenge for the client. They lacked a centralized system to monitor stock levels, leading to issues like stockouts and excess inventory.

Fixed Asset Management

Keeping track of fixed assets, their depreciation, and maintenance schedules was a manual and error-prone process for the client.

Asset Issues with Customers

The client faced difficulties in managing asset-related issues with customers, such as tracking leased equipment, maintenance requests, and ensuring timely returns.

Financial Management

The existing financial management system lacked integration with other processes, causing delays in financial reporting and analysis.

Perpetual Inventory Accounting

The client struggled with maintaining accurate and up-to-date perpetual inventory accounting, leading to discrepancies in inventory records.


To address the challenges faced by the client, we implemented an ERP software solution that integrated various modules to streamline their business processes.

Purchase Module

FactsERP incorporated modules for import and local purchase management, simplifying the procurement process. It automated purchase orders, vendor management, and streamlined the approval workflows for faster procurement cycles.

Sales Module

Our ERP software included modules for managing export and local sales. It streamlined the sales order process, automated invoicing, and provided real-time tracking of deliveries, ensuring a smoother sales cycle.

Inventory Module

FactsERP comprises a centralized inventory management module that facilitates real-time tracking of stock levels, optimizing inventory turnover, and reducing stock outs.

Fixed Asset Module

With the ERP’s fixed asset management module, the client gained better control over their fixed assets. It automated asset tracking, calculated depreciation, and scheduled maintenance activities, prolonging the life of assets and reducing downtime.

Customer Asset Tracking

FactsERP solution included a customer asset tracking module that enabled the client to monitor leased equipment, track maintenance requests, and ensure timely returns, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Financial Accounting

The ERP’s financial management module streamlined accounting processes, automating general ledger entries, and accounts receivable/payable, and enabled real-time financial reporting and analysis.

Perpetual Inventory Accounting

The ERP system provided perpetual inventory accounting, ensuring that inventory records were continuously updated, minimizing discrepancies, and improving accuracy.


The ERP software implementation proved to be a transformative solution for our client, one of the leading medical equipment companies in the UAE. By addressing their specific challenges across import and local purchase cycles, sales management, inventory, fixed asset tracking, customer asset issues, financial management, and perpetual inventory accounting, the ERP system streamlined their business operations.

With the successful ERP implementation, the client experienced improved efficiency, reduced manual errors, and enhanced decision-making capabilities through real-time data access. This translated into better customer service, optimized inventory levels, reduced costs, and increased overall profitability for the medical equipment company.

By taking the lead in adopting modern technology, the client solidified its position in the industry, continuing to develop cutting-edge technologies for accurate diagnosis and making a significant impact on healthcare advancements worldwide.