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1747: ERP Implementation for Dubai’s Leading Water Seal Insulation Contracting Company

Our client is a prominent water seal insulation contracting company based in Dubai, UAE. With multiple branches spread across different locations, they provide specialized solutions for water sealing and insulation projects. The company faced several operational challenges, including difficulties in creating DSPR (Daily Sales and Purchase Report), defining category-wise rates, generating SIF (Single Interface File) for various banks, implementing a weighted average costing method, and managing inventory in a batch-wise manner for certain items. To overcome these challenges and streamline their business processes, the company sought the assistance of FACTS Computer Software House LLC for a comprehensive ERP software solution (FactsERP).


Dubai’s leading water seal insulation contracting company faced several critical challenges in its business operations prior to implementing the ERP software. These challenges were hindering their growth and efficiency. The main challenges included:

Multiple branches in multiple locations

The company’s presence across various locations led to decentralized operations and communication issues. The lack of a centralized system made it difficult to manage and coordinate activities efficiently.

Difficulty in creating DSPR( Daily Sales and Purchase Report)

The absence of an automated system for generating DSPR reports caused delays and inaccuracies in tracking daily sales and purchases, affecting decision-making and financial analysis.

Problems defining category-wise rates

The company struggled with defining and adhering to category-wise rates for different types of products or services, leading to pricing discrepancies and potential revenue losses.

Generating SIF for different banks

The manual process of creating SIF files for multiple banks was time-consuming and error-prone, affecting the company’s banking relationships and financial transactions.

Weighted average costing method

The company required an advanced costing method, such as weighted average costing, to calculate inventory costs more accurately, but their existing systems lacked this functionality.

Batch-wise inventory management for some items

Certain items required batch-wise inventory management due to specific handling or expiry considerations. The absence of this feature caused difficulties in tracking inventory and managing stock levels effectively.


To address the various challenges faced by Dubai’s leading water seal insulation contracting company, our ERP company offered a comprehensive ERP software solution that encompassed several modules and functionalities. The solutions provided were tailored to meet the specific needs of the client and aimed to streamline their business operations effectively. The key solutions included:

Fixed Asset Module

The implementation of the Fixed Asset Module enabled the company to manage and track their assets efficiently. This module allowed them to record asset details, depreciation, and maintenance schedules, ensuring better financial control and compliance.

Sales Module

The Sales Module streamlined the company’s sales process by providing tools for managing inquiries, quotations, and order processing. The sales team could now handle customer inquiries more effectively and generate accurate quotations promptly.

HR and Payroll Module

With the HR and Payroll Module, the company gained better control over its human resources processes. This module facilitated streamlined payroll management, employee data tracking, and attendance monitoring, leading to improved workforce management.

Accounting Module

The implementation of the Accounting Module allowed the company to manage their finances more effectively. They could now track expenses, invoices, and payments accurately, leading to enhanced financial visibility and better decision-making.

DSPR Report Automation

The ERP software automated the process of generating DSPR (Daily Sales and Purchase Report) reports. This automation resulted in timely and accurate reporting, providing the management with valuable insights into their daily sales and purchase activities.

Category-wise Rate Definition

The ERP system incorporated functionality to define and maintain category-wise rates for products and services. This feature enabled the company to ensure consistent and accurate pricing across their offerings.

SIF File Generation

The ERP software facilitated the seamless generation of SIF (Salary Information File) for various banks. This automation streamlined their financial transactions, enhancing their banking relationships and financial efficiency.

Inventory Module

The ERP solution included batch-wise inventory management for specific items. This feature enabled the company to monitor and manage inventory based on batch-related attributes, ensuring better stock control and product tracking.


The successful implementation of the FactsERP proved to be a transformative solution for Dubai’s leading water seal insulation contracting company. By effectively addressing their multiple challenges, FactsERP streamlined their business operations and enhanced overall efficiency.

The ERP project tackled the issue of decentralized operations by centralizing the company’s processes and communication across multiple branches. This centralization facilitated smoother coordination and improved collaboration among teams, leading to increased productivity and reduced operational redundancies.