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1730: UAE’s Biggest Steel Fabrication Company Started Using FactsHCM

This case study outlines a successful HR software project implemented for a multinational company specializing in delivering turnkey engineering solutions to the oil and gas, petrochemical, renewable energy, power generation, marine, and mining industries. With a core focus on steel fabrication, including high-pressure piping processes, the company operates in the UAE and serves clients globally. The organization encountered several challenges in HR activities, including project management, time attendance tracking, hourly salary calculations, and wage type formula calculation. This case study highlights how the company successfully addressed these issues through the implementation of an integrated HR software solution.


The company faced the following HR-related challenges: 

Handling Multiple Projects

The company operates multiple projects simultaneously within its factory. Managing employee assignments, tracking project progress, and ensuring accurate resource allocation became a complex task due to the absence of an HR system.

Employee Time Attendance

The existing time attendance system posed difficulties in accurately tracking employee working hours. Manual recording methods were prone to errors and time-consuming for HR personnel to manage and validate.

Hourly Salary Calculation

Due to the nature of the company’s work, hourly wage calculation was necessary for employees. However, manual calculations were time-consuming, error-prone, and hindered accurate payroll processing.

Wage Type Formula Calculation

The company required a system that could handle complex wage-type formulas based on different criteria such as project types, job roles, and employee performance. Manually calculating these formulas was time-consuming and increased the risk of inaccuracies.

Absence Of An Employee Self-Service Portal

They needed a secure web-based portal that empowers employees to access their personal information, manage leaves, view payslips, and communicate with HR personnel.


The HR software project involved a comprehensive solution tailored to the specific needs of the multinational company. The following key components were developed and implemented: 

Employee Master

A comprehensive screen for storing employee information (excluding remuneration details) with mandatory fields and options for ESS user creation and attachment storage.

Leave Management

Manages leave entitlements, creation of leave entries manually or through integration, deduction of remuneration based on leave entries during payroll processing, and maker-checker approval for leave requests. Includes various leave categories with specific entitlements.

Employee Due Process Request (EDPR)

Handles leave eligibility and provisions for paid leave, including final settlement and encashment of leave balance. Approval of EDPR is required for annual leave settlement.

Daily Timesheet

Allows workshop employees to enter daily timesheet details, calculates daily salary based on wage types, and considers actual time attendance data.

Employee Document Issue Register

Tracks employee document issuance and retrieval, with options to list documents with employees, with the company, or with all documents.

Staff Memo

Tracks warnings or memos issued to employees, including the ability to print warning letters.

Company Asset Issue Register

Tracks issuance and retrieval of company assets, such as laptops and mobile phones, with options to list assets with employees, with the company, or all assets.

Certificates & Letters Issuance

Enables printing of various letters and certificates issued to employees, integrating with Employee Self Service.

Absent and Overtime Posting

Posts absent details and overtime hours from attendance records, considering employee settings and attendance status.

Employee Master Lookup Code Change Transactions

Tracks change in employee master data, such as department, division, designation, etc.

Time Attendance Data Integration

Integrates with time attendance control center to download data, allows manual entry for missing clocking data, validates and publishes time attendance data, identifying overtime hours and absent status.

Shift Assignment Process

Assigns shifts to employees, including general shifts, specific weekday shifts, and weekly offs. Supports temporary shift assignments and prepares duty rosters based on shift assignments.

Payroll Module

Manages salary structures, allowances, deductions, loans, and payroll processing. Supports multi-currency salary structures, temporary allowances/deductions, and staff loans with recovery schedules. Processes and posts payroll, generates reports such as Salary Register and Pay Slip and generates SIF files for salary information reporting.

Employee Self-Service Portal

Provides employees with personalized dashboards, allows updates to personal details, access to document information, view of leave balances, and submission of various requests with configurable approval workflows. Allows download of pay slips and tracking of request status.

HR Reports

Generates various reports, including Salary Register, Pay Slip, SIF Reports (WPS), Annual Leave Salary Provision Register, Gratuity Provision Register, Air Ticket Provision Register, Temporary Allowance Register, Temporary Deduction Register, Allowance & Deduction Register, Staff Loan Register, etc.


The successful implementation of the HR software project(FactsHCM) brought transformative changes to the multinational steel fabrication company’s HR activities. By addressing their specific pain points, the company streamlined HR activities, improved time attendance tracking, simplified salary calculations, enhanced wage type formulas, and empowered employees with a self-service portal. The comprehensive solution resulted in increased efficiency, reduced administrative overhead, improved accuracy, and higher employee satisfaction. With the new HR software in place, the company is better equipped to handle its diverse HR needs and focus on its core business operations, ensuring continued growth and success.