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What is e-invoicing?

e-Invoicing is the process of creating digital invoices in accordance with ZATCA regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Through this procedure, you can electronically validate B2B, B2G, and B2C invoices and utilize them wherever necessary over the common ZATCA portal.

There are two stages to the e-invoicing process. Instead of physical invoices, credit cards, and debit notes in the first phase, taxpayers must issue and keep e-invoices. In order to share these invoices with the buyers in the second phase, they must be uploaded to ZATCA’s portal and authenticated.


Who should opt for e-invoicing?

All taxable products and services subject to VAT are required to use e-invoicing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (both standard and zero rates). Therefore, it comes as a standard for all VAT-registered enterprises to produce e-invoices and adhere to ZATCA rules. Additionally, organizations that are required to register but have not done so yet must follow the e-invoicing rules as well.

The e-invoicing regulation applies to the following people in addition to businesses:

  • Any taxable individual who resides in the KSA.
  • Any client or third party that, in accordance with the VAT regulations, sends a tax invoice on the taxable person’s behalf and resides in KSA.

What are the benefits of e-invoicing?

For the following reasons, using e-invoices might be beneficial for your company:

  • The authentication check on the official platform makes it practically impossible to create fraudulent invoices.
  • e-Invoices enable organizations to share data more swiftly and are readily available in real-time online.
  • e-Invoices might be electronically issued to customers, which would increase on-time payments.
  • Your business’s operational efficiency and transparency are both greatly enhanced by using digital invoicing. 
  • Automation minimizes human interference, resulting in fewer documents that are incomplete or erroneous.