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FactsESS – Customised Employee Self Service Module

The Employee Self Service (ESS) module enables all employees of a company manage their HR and several work related tasks. This HRMS system makes it easier and convenient for the employees as well as the HR of the company as the employees can themselves access their respective personal self-service portals to manage their professional as well as necessary personal information for corporate purposes.

The HR related data like payroll information, leaves, attendance, events at work, employee benefits and other corporate information can be accessed on the employee ESS module. The personal details like the address book, emergency contact numbers and other vital details can also be updated here.

The FactsESS module ensures that each employee is equipped to change or edit their personal information and to access their HR and payroll system to get all HR related updates. The employees can login to their ESS (Employee Self Service) page using their corresponding username and password, and access all the details on their private portal.

Some of the key functions of our specialised ESS module include:

Business Travel Claims
Business Travel Requests
Profile Management
Performance Appraisal Forms
Payslip Uploading
Timesheet uploading
Telephone Request
NOC for MMI / Driving License /
Letter to Consulate
Business Card Printing Request
Emirates ID application
Salary Certificate Letter
Personal Loan Letter
Incident Reporting
Passport withdrawal
Leave Request
Flight Booking

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