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Unlock The Power Of Employee Self-Service With FactsESS !

Your Complete Customized Employee Portal In UAE

Streamline HR processes, improve efficiency and empower your employees

employee self service portal

100% Customizable

key functions of our ready-to-use ESS module

Get an employee self service portal for a convenient employee self service. The features are designed for all types of companies and HR-related concerns. The portal helps employees access their personal information and payroll details 24/7. Employees can now enter their attendances, absences, HR requests, travel expenses, and receipts/reports, or any HR-employee activities without having to go to the HR department. They can also check their remaining leaves and change the master data such as bank details and more.

Stay Connected with Your HR anytime, anywhere.

Wherever you are or whenever you need it, you can connect and get your HR related work done promptly. All these tasks are easily accessible through the ESS Module of FactsHRMS.

Think Ahead. Get an Employee Self Service Portal for your company.

Connect your HR with your employees hassle-free, and experience the difference of having 24/7, 100% dependable HRMS solutions with your team.

Empower your Workforce with our Employee Self Service Module

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Manage Human Resource
Like a Pro & Maximize Results

Nothing Beats The True Disruptive Innovation

Need to get HR assistance but you can’t because you are working remotely and your company’s HR department is currently not available? We got you covered! Our ESS portal for HRMS is comprehensive to fill that gap. It will not only help remote workers but will also alleviate time-consuming processes and will maximize results for all in-house and HR-related tasks. This is a must-have tool for all businesses for a smooth Human Resource Management system.

So leave it all to us! Let’s get all your time tracking, payroll information, sick leave reporting, leave request management, employee benefits & entitlements, agreements, contracts, team absence calendar, attendance, travel and receipts, events at work, personal details like the address book, emergency contact numbers, vital details and more be managed and accessed on a secured ERP system. Our state-of-the-art Employee Self Service module is absolutely customizable to perfectly match and meet your HR requirements.

Experience The strength of HR Management

ESS Master Data Management - key functions


Save time updating and maintaining the master data, because your employees can now maintain their master data themselves in just a few clicks. Our ESS portal will let your HR department control the master data access. For locked data, employees may request the HR for control over the specific feature to make any changes.

Employees can maintain their master data
HR can give temporary change privileges to employees
Employees can update address, bank account, contact details, & more
Acceleration of approval & administrative processes
facts hrms

Our ESS is 100% Tailor-Made to meet all HR needs of employees

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