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Best ERP Software For Fresh Fruits And Vegetables Industry In UAE

The fresh fruits and vegetables industry is a complex and demanding one, with businesses needing to manage a wide range of operations, from procurement and inventory to sales and marketing. 

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FactsKORLAN - An Ultimate ERP Solution For Fruits And Vegetable Industry in Dubai

FactsKORLAN is a highly customizable ERP software solution that is specifically designed for the fresh fruits and vegetables industry in Dubai. It is built on the latest technology and has a wide range of features that can help businesses in this industry to improve efficiency and profitability.

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Why ?

Some of the key features of FactsKORLAN include:

  • Efficiently manage trading, consignment, and repackaging management
  • Seamless barcode label printing for cartons
  • Gain insights with a container-wise profitability report
  • Supplier sales report for commission-based sales
  • Effortless custom declaration management for import consignments
  • Integrate inventory and accounting easily


  • Optimize deliveries with inventory drive ordering
  • Streamline local purchases
  • Precise net weight and gross weight calculations
  • Multiple unit conversions
  • Track inventory damages and claims with photographs
  • Comprehensive stock age analysis
  • Holistic accounting for ongoing charges like repacking, loading, unloading, cold-room rental, etc.


Over 80% of Fruit and Vegetable stores in Dubai trust FactsKORLAN

Join the ranks of successful fresh fruits and vegetable businesses in Dubai that have harnessed the power of FactsKORLAN, the leading software designed specifically for fruits and vegetable industry. With an impressive adoption rate of over 80%, FactsKORLAN has become the preferred choice for businesses seeking operational excellence, enhanced profitability, and seamless growth.

Why fresh Fruits and Vegetable industry in Dubai needs ERP?

  • Seasonal fluctuations: Rapid shifts in supply and demand require precise planning. ERP’s demand forecasting minimizes waste and optimizes resources
  • Perishable goods: Freshness is crucial, ERP provides real-time visibility into inventory, ensuring only the freshest produce reaches customers.
  • Complex supply chain: An ERP system streamlines coordination with suppliers, distributors, and retailers, reducing lead times and operational costs.
  • Regulatory compliance: ERP enforces strict quality control, helping businesses adhere to safety regulations and trace product journeys.
  • Precise tracking: Enable easy tracking of perishable food products with low shelf life.
  • Proper stock control and management: ERP software enables proper stock control, reduces the risk of stockouts, improves warehouse space utilization, and enhances overall operational efficiency.
  • Streamlined financial accounting: Manage financial transactions, track expenses, and monitor profitability with ERP’s accounting module, ensuring accurate financial insights for your fresh fruits and vegetables company in Dubai