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The HR management software or HRMS is a tool that is widely used by establishments and organizations. This takes care of all their HR-related concerns. From automating the tasks and easily managing them to generating of accurate reports when needed, there are several advantages of incorporating an HR software in a business system.

Well, before selecting HR software for your firm, there are some features that need to be considered. Here are the essential features of an HR management software, which can be the basic criteria of comparison when you search for the right HR system for your company:

Employee Self-service

The ESS or the Employee Self Service is one of the modules that should be a part of an ideal HR software. This feature enables the employees to access their HR portal and manage their activities using the self-service portal. This includes the management of leaves, HR requests, calendar management, etc.

Streamlined Employee Database

Instead of maintaining a spreadsheet of the employee database, having this feature in the HR system is the best way to have all the employee details gathered at one place. This automated system also ensures that the details are updated and can be used for any purpose within the office system. You can ensure the transparency of employee details by introducing the system to the business setup.

Hiring and Recruitment

This is one of the tedious processes of any HR team, irrespective of the company’s size. To minimize the effort and make the system effective, you can install an efficient HR system which facilitates this feature. This feature takes care of the list of candidates for each open position, their application status, remarks and reviews, interview status, etc.

Performance Evaluation

When it comes to employee performance and appraisal, the process is long. Several stages of the process have to be recorded systematically for future references. You can easily handle these with the help of a reliable HRMS system in place. You can handle the employee feedback, ratings and other criteria with this tool with ease.

Staff Planning

In several organizations, the shifting or transferring of employees among teams take place depending on the system requirement or for other reasons. Thus, we can track these details using an HRMS software.

These are not the only features of an HR management software that an HR software can have. If you’re looking for a great HR software for your company, we’re just a click away! Fill in your details on our Contact Form at and let us get back to you to discuss your requirements.