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5 Essential Considerations For Managing Your Company’s Most Valuable Resources


The primary competent factors that affect a business are market trends, customer demand, cash flow, and workforce. The most significant of these is workforce management.  It’s always difficult to manage your personnel data in Excel sheets. When handling crucial information in spreadsheets with government law compliance, such as your employees’ timesheet attendance, payroll, availability, and […]

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Why Do Manufacturers Now Place Greater Importance On Business Intelligence?

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Manufacturers are currently up against a wall due to a combination of factors including limited margins, labor shortage, increasing raw materials costs, and congested supply chains. Manufacturers must exert more effort and employ the latest data analytic techniques to turn the tide against them. Business intelligence and data analytics capabilities in ERP are more crucial […]

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The New Gem Added To The Dubai Skyline – Museum Of The Future


The long-awaited Museum of the Future in Dubai has officially opened, adding another breathtaking sight to the city’s expanding skyline. The museum has opened to the public after nine years of planning and construction. The building, housed in an impressive architectural structure embellished with lyrical Arabic calligraphy, aims to transport visitors to the year 2071 […]

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Targeted Advertising

Ever wondered how online advertisers suggest things on your social media feed to buy products that you are really interested to buy? For example, the shoes that you were checking out on amazon the day before comes up on your Facebook feed the very next day? Well, let me introduce you to targeted advertising. It […]

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