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FACTS – We are experts in Process Consulting

Every business domain needs expertise, but as a part of FACTS, we deliver ERP solutions and provide business consulting as well. This ensures that our software solutions work 100% and helps to deliver the best customer experience for your customers.

With an ever-growing consumer market, most of the ERP solutions are implemented based on market needs. These solutions fall short without customer experiences, feedback, and MBO (Management Business Objectives).

FACTS provides business consulting based on consumer location and consumer consumption. This makes your business unique and successful. Through this, you will gain a strong understanding and knowledge of customers. The benefits also include the use of our technology advancements at FACTS.

There are a lot of new businesses coming into the consumer markets these days. Most of them have enough investments. These businesses do not possess much market experience due to a lack of market research and analysis.

Businesses can approach FACTS for guidance on the entire end-to-end business setup. These businesses can run smoothly by implementing appropriate solutions developed by FACTS. The various solutions delivered by FACTS (ERP, HR, and Payroll, Warehouse Management Systems, or e-Business suite) will be tailored to fit your requirements and expectations.

Please do not lose your market value for saving dollars for a penny. The current market scenario, based on our analysis, highlights that many successful investments are failing due to domain inexperience. FACTS ensures that your value in the market, your customer experience, and your business process goes hand in hand. This provides a win-win situation for your business, as well as the customers.

We have been very successful in this particular domain for our innovation and continuous market analysis to help our customers to ensure sustained growth.

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