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Growth happens. Suddenly your business management system needs more functionality. You have been diligently saving the company money by adding less expensive specialty solutions to your existing systems. While these may cost less than a comprehensive technology overhaul, they could end up costing you much more in the long run. Sound familiar?


Then, your worst nightmare happens…a disaster! It could be a power surge or virus or a natural disaster that takes down your systems and software. Now you’re faced with the challenge of getting your network back online and restoring your critical business data, but you are at the mercy of multiple software vendors! Instead of the vendors helping you get back up and running quickly, no one wants to take ownership of the problem. Guess who is the target for the finger pointing? YOU!


Other companies may tell you it’s easy to back up multiple systems, software applications and disparate data. However, when it comes to repairing or restoring, there is only one good option – a single business management software system that will improve and automate processes. Having a single system increases data integrity, decreases downtime and makes life easier for your IT team.


Increased data integrity – In the event of a disaster, your immediate focus is to get critical business systems up and running. If your customer data, financial data and order tracking information are stored across several different systems, guess what? You have to back up and restore all of them, which takes longer and can compromise the integrity of your company data.

Less downtime – Ask your CFO if his budget accounts for lost productivity in the event of a disaster. You may have a disaster recovery plan for your systems, but how do your customers and suppliers feel when they cannot do business with you? Most CEOs and CFOs simply want the systems up and running as soon as possible – having the right technology can help maintain your competitive edge during a disaster scenario.