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ERP for Auto Spare Parts Company

The spare parts industry is thriving in the UAE with the increasing use of vehicles and the launch of new vehicle models. However, there is increasing competition among spare part companies. To stay ahead of the competition, a company is required to maintain inventory of all spare parts and track the fast-moving items.  
The biggest challenge for a spare parts company is to maintain all types of products and their substitutes while offering the right price to customers. Without using the right technology and business systems, it becomes difficult to beat the competition and stay profitable. I have listed below how having a business software like Facts ERP will benefit spare part companies.  
Features and Benefits of Facts ERP for Auto Spare Parts Company:  
Part Number: You can manage any number of items in the inventory with the Part Number. The software comes with easy search functionality using the part number.  
Lost Enquiries Tracking: The lost enquiries tracking functionality will enable you to see the volume of business lost along with the reasons, for example, due to the high price or non-availability of stock. This helps in better decision-making and increases future sales.  
Supplier Analysis: Before finalizing the supplier, analyze the cost of items from various suppliers using our S2S analysis feature. This will help in procuring items at better rates leading to an increase in profit margins.  
OEM or Alternative Items: This functionality will recommend alternative items when a particular item is currently not available in stock or if a customer is asking for other options.  
Categorizing Parts: Easy categorization of parts based on the vehicle brand, model and version.  
Real-Time Tracking: Track stock levels across the showroom and inventory in real-time. This helps in better customer service leading to an increase in future sales.  
Advanced Reporting: Use our advanced Business Intelligence reporting to track the fast-moving items, top customers, sales trends, advanced categorization, branch performance and many more.  
Barcode and Serial Number: Easily track the items and their locations with the simplified barcode and serial number tracking feature in FactsERP.  
Inventory Alerts: Get alerts whenever an item falls below the re-order level. This helps in maintaining adequate inventory at all times. The purchasing process can also be automated when an item reaches the re-order level.  
Warranty Management: Easily manage the warranty of items with FactsERP. Whether the warranty is from the actual supplier or in-house can be tracked and service requests can be raised from the system.   
For a free demo of Facts ERP for Auto Spare Parts company, please get in touch on 055 899 3902.