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Can any one of us imagine a day without the help of Google? Obviously answer is a BIG NO. But are we utilizing this tool to its full extend? Again answer is NO. Here we are presenting few tips which will definitely help you search much more!!! Google Search provides several features beyond searching for words


These include synonyms, weather forecasts, time zones, stock quotes, maps, earthquake data, movie show times, airports, home listings, sports scores etc….
There are special features for numbers, dates, and some specific forms, including ranges, prices, temperatures, money and measurement unit conversions, calculations, package tracking, patents, area codes, and language translation




Use below given tips to the make search much effective.

SymbolWhat to searchExample
@To get specific pages from Twitter / Facebook / and Wikipedia@facts : Will fetch the social media links of FACTS
$To get the information of a product which has the almost same price as mentionedCamera $1000 : Leads to websites where topics related to camera are discussed that too which comes with a price tag of $1000
#To get latest updates on currently trending topic#Expo 2020 : Shows all the links where recent discussions happened on Expo 2020
To avoid any particular subject from subjectSpeed – movie: This search will avoid links related to the movie “Speed”. In this way the junk links could be removed
To get links where specific phrase is used“I have a dream” : Will fetch the web pages where the exact phrase is used
*Add an asterisk as a placeholder for any unknown or wildcard terms“a * saved is a * earned“ : Result will be multiple links where different words used in place of *
..Separate numbers by two periods without spaces to see results that contain numbers in a rangecamera $500..$1000 : Will show the links with information about cameras with a price range of $50 to $100
SiteGet results from certain sites or domains.Site FACTS Computer Software House LLC
DefineTo learn the definition of a termDefine Thermodynamics : Will show all the links where definition of thermodynamics is shown
StocksTo find out the current stock value of a companyStocks Microsoft : Will show the current stock value of Microsoft