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Data corruption refers to errors in computer data that occur during writing, reading, storage, transmission, or processing, which introduce unintended changes to the original data.


Database, a repository of data, grows larger and larger each day. User stores precious data in database, however, database corruption is one of the most unfavorable and intimidating situations one can come across.


More than 95% of corruption happens due to hardware failure. A fault in hardware including Disk, CPU, Controller, Memory Module etc., is also a major cause of corruption.


SQL Server heavily uses Disk Subsystem to store or retrieve data; therefore, issues with Disk Subsystems, Communication Channels, Disk Drivers or Disk Controllers can cause database corruption.


Some common causes for SQL Database corruption


• Bugs in SQL server itself

• Abrupt system shutdown while the database is opened

• Changes in SQL account

• Virus infection

• Upgrading SQL Server from previous versions to newer one also, at times, results in the corruption of database.

Whatever the cause of corruption is, you cannot get to know about it until you access the damaged data. You get any of the below mentioned error messages while trying to interact with corrupt data of your SQL database:

• Msg 823 error in SQL Server

• Msg 825 (read retry) in SQL Server

• SQL Server Page Level Corruption

• Corruption on non-clustered indexes

• Database consistency errors reported by DBCC CHECKB

• Corruption on data pages

• Metadata corruption Error


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