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FactsERP being the most effective ERP solution in the MENA region offers many productive in-built tools to extract maximum information from the available data. One of the such feature is Integrated Attachments.


Every document, such as Purchase Order, Sales Order, Advance Shipment Note etc. generated in an organization has a purpose and life cycle associated with it. It goes through multiple revisions from the time of inception to conclusion. Integrated attachments provide great relief to users whoever needs to ensure timely and effective tracking of each document.


Let’s have a quick look at each provision of this sophisticated tool:


Every document has a life cycle with specific events occurs on it time to time. Knowing the time frame well before and getting timely alerts surely helps the respective personnel for planning and subsequent actions. To summarize, in FactsERP, a time line or schedule can be created against each document. Employees can be assigned to complete each of these milestones. Alerts can be configured to ensure nothing misses out.


Follow-up Notes
Having a proper milestone or schedule is not enough to monitor the progress. FactsERP provides a beautiful feature of keeping a trail of follow-ups done by each member. It’s not only merely writing follow-ups text but have capability to set reminders and even assign a task to self or any other member. A quick look at the history of follow-ups provides a great insight into the overall status of a document.


Evidence speak itself! Having religiously following up as per the milestones set, might not be enough during an audit as auditors, be it internal or external, always look for evidences. FactsERP being an insightful software have provided a strong tool to help its users immensely by enable them to attach their evidences. Be it a document laying in their own computer or network, a scanned image, or even an email conversation. FactsERP allows drag and drop an outlook email directly into the attachment section! The barcoded document print outs from FactsERP can be effortlessly scanned in to the attachment section by using a smart scanner also.


Document status update
A document status needs to be amended time to time as it goes through its life cycle. FactsERP provides an easy way to handle it as part of integrated attachments.


FactsERP not only keeps the enormous volume of data but transform them into priceless information too and provides much insight to take strategic decisions. Hence, we encourage you to utilize Integrated Attachments feature to its fullest. Do feel free to contact us if you would like to know more.


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