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E-commerce or electronic commerce is the process of purchasing or selling goods or services over the internet by transferring the money and the required data for completing the transaction. E-commerce integration is a process where data from the e-commerce platform is embedded into the back-end systems such as ERP to provide a unified view of data.

With the changing consumer behavior over the decades, e-commerce has become a part of the lifestyle. This makes e-commerce integration a productive add-on to an ERP system. We are proud to announce that FactsERP is now compatible with e-business platforms. This makes the purchase, sales and other processes easier for all the stakeholders involved.

Integrating the ERP with the e-commerce platform enables the transfer of data both ways between the two systems. This will make the process of data entry easier. It only needs to be done in either of the systems. When it comes to e-commerce integration in FactsERP, below are certain features and advantages you will be enjoying by integrating your online business with FactsERP.


FactsERP is compatible with any e-commerce platform that supports API integration. You can ensure the flow of data and information between the systems in a smooth manner. This also eliminates repeated manual data entry and helps in accelerating the business process.

Easy to Use

When your E-commerce application is working in sync with your ERP application it makes the whole business process laid-back. Data will be readily available from the e-commerce platform in the ERP in just a click. The transparency of the process makes it convenient and reliable to use. Hence, you can record and retrieve the data in an automated and real-time manner when needed with the improved data exchange speed.

Data Integrity

By integrating your online business platform with ERP, you can eliminate additional manual data entry and duplication of data. This will help in maintaining accurate customer, product or order data without manual data entry. The automated system fetches necessary data without manual intervention. Thus you can ensure data integrity while using the ERP system for your e-commerce business.


At FACTS, we know that the features and modules that some other organization is using may not be 100% compatible with your organization. Thus, we follow a customized approach, providing what you need for your business enhancing efficiency and satisfaction.

To integrate your e-commerce business with a state-of-the-art ERP system that supports all areas of your business process, call us at +971 55 899 3902 | +971 4 3529915 or write to us us at