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Greeting from FACTS Team! Wishing you the best this season.

Businesses in Dubai are gearing up for EXPO 2020 with a Generation 3 ERP – FactsERP. The GCC companies are now investing into Dubai to make their local presence here. They have now evolved their whole thinking process with an outlook to capture the Dubai and Middle-east markets.

The management and the teams understand the importance of using an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software application to actively make quick business decisions and out-perform its competitors. These Medium-size and small-size businesses have invested in this Entrepreneur’s Dream City – Dubai, to gear forward to EXPO 2020 and beyond.

The revenue growth for this EXPO 2020 is going to really huge. And this also means that small and medium companies falling under the SME classification will progress to be bigger, in this emerging Dubai market by a Generation 3 FactsERP.

By signing up for our latest .net based Generation 3 ERP – FactsERP, you can bring about an enhanced operational excellence in your business performances. By this integrated ERP system, you will be able to win more orders and have a competitive edge over your competitors. This co-operation and assimilation of all the functions / departments in a company is very essential by using one integrated ERP system – FactsERP. So the organization as one unit, can benefit from:


A reduced maintenance cost involved in having one system.
An increase in the sales performance and on-time deliveries.
Achieve better customer satisfaction scores, for providing on-time services, every time.


Our award winning cost-effective ERP software solution has the below Features:


Smart messaging system between users helping to resolve and action items. A real time accurate data management of all the available stock balances in all the Multiple Locations of the company
A Global Search Engine, helping to locate items or transactions from the past history of records in the system FactsERP has open fields which can help you with multiple definable fields.
Key Process Indicators are displayed on the desktop tab in FactsERP More individual analytical fields can be added to the stock and the accounts groups.
Graphical presentation of key Business Intelligence Data on the desktop tab in FactsERP equips the management with quick decision making capabilities. Flexible account creations with multi-levels possible under the Chart of Accounts.
The system has the capability to assign particular job to the team members in the FactsERP system Effective activity groups and Cost centers for analyzing various accounting transactions.
With effective alert system, the team and management can accomplish the milestones and activities as per the due date set on the ERP system. The sales and delivery teams have real-time and accurate data at their disposal to take the orders and give information to the customers.
With the ERP, all the departments and functions are well together with real time stock and sales figures. Reports can be exported to different formats like Excel, PDF, etc.
Every purchase or sales or other transactions will have an automated accounting entries, which helps in quickly understanding the current day to day balance figures. FactsERP has the feature to open with the attachments in outlook. And can be send to customer’s and management’s email addresses.
The reports can be customised as per the particular user’s requirements based on his business priorities. Alerts or reminders can be set on FactsERP system for the individual Document with their expiry date. This will reflect as reminders displayed on the desktop tab on FactsERP
The HR & Payroll Management module has all the statutory UAE local requirements incorporated in the FactsERP system. A complete cheque management system helps controlling the postdated cheques with reminders to help admin team to deposit the cheques at the right time to the bank.
Accurate and reliable job costing module with an advanced estimation management system. Details business reports can be generated based on various parameters set by the users like the bar chart, pie chart, etc.
A comprehensive Fixed Asset module helps in the managing and tracking of all the assets with timely depreciation assignments which can be set for the respective assets on the system. The development team works from Dubai, which helps in providing quick after sales support and services to our customers in UAE market.
Credit limit can be set for various customers with different color identifications on the reports which helps the work force team. The system will prevent and control invoicing over the limit set for a customer. A complete Integrated Inventory & Accounting system having automated accounting entries and real time stock adjustments / updations.
Access with Restriction and controls for Multi user can be set by the administrator on FactsERP. Accounts System has the feature of having Multi-Currencies set with the respective standard exchange rates set on FactsERP system. Also the system has the capability to change to the rates when needed to include current rates applicable.
Automated emails with the reports as attachments can also be send to the management’s / user’s email boxes. An additional Responsive web Design FactsRWD can be done for you iphone and other mobile devices which will help your sales team when, on the move.
Follow up remarks can be entered on the items be followed up like the Accounts receivable functions.