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Greeting from FACTS Team! Wishing you the best this season.

FactsSHARP, the one and only complete ‘Middle-East-localized’, HR and Payroll Software Solution from FACTS, compliant with all legal and statutory Government Requirements.

Most of the companies in this rapidly growing era, daily face a lot of multifaceted HR and Payroll challenges. To overcome these challenges, FACTS has a fully-localized software solution. A fully compatible software, compliant with all the local labour laws and with the best proved practices. This continues to be a blessing, for all the SMEs and the multinational companies that have enrolled with us.

FactsSHARP has always been evolving to accommodate the latest changes in the labour laws. Our software solutions are widely accepted in this Middle East region due to our operation models being:

Quick implementable,
Scalable and
On-time support.

Our software system helps to overcome, the difficult and painful manual processes. It helps in enhancing the productivity of the HR and Payroll department.

Annual leave entitlement and settlement,
WPS, SIF file generations
Overtime calculations,
End of service benefits,
Various payroll accruals,
Email Alerts
Ability to set UAE public holidays on to the holiday master,
Many other areas of importance.

The management are able to make quick conclusive actions based on the real time data available on our HR & Payroll System (FactsSHARP). They can also request for enhancements during the detail scope study, of the current processes, which will help them outperform and increase their HR & Payroll team’s productivity. This, too-good-to-be-true state becomes highly impossible, without a Generation 3 HR & Payroll software. With our FactsSHARP, you will be able to process the payroll and other HR related tasks on-time every-time.

With this automatable calculative procedures on the system, the HR Staff can be prompt.
The clerical errors of exclusion or duplication can be avoided.
The automated system can run the tasks and deliverables with just couple of steps.
Manual hasty calculations done on excel resulting in errors can be avoided.
The HR Staff can be prompt and quick to work on automatable complex payroll calculations, thereby making operations efficiency.
The scheduled task can be run automatically with limited steps without having someone reminding you of the deliverable.


Some of the important features of our HR & Payroll System (FactsSHARP) are:

Human-Capital Management – Helps to manage all the HR related tasks in a company, workforce payments, Manage staff accommodations, Web based ESS (employee self-service requests), many more.Manage Sourcing Talents /candidates – Helps the HR administrator to Align, Reward, have Career Progressions of its employees with the total track records.
Manage and organize Recruitment drives – Source, Track, Share, Engage, Promote employees. All the candidate’s profiles are stored on the database, which help in managing the stages from ‘recruitment / hiring’ to ‘retirement / firing stages’.Requirements of Payroll & Compensation – Designed for the complete horizon of all Payroll requirements, deductions, all work-day allocations, leave tracings, loan advances and its monthly deductions, SIF file generations as per WPS (Wage Protection System), etc.
Time and attendance tracking – Synchronization with the bio-metric system, helps to capture the IN and OUT timing of the employees, total daily time logged, formalize decisions to implement lean initiatives, leave calculations, track and penalize defaulting employees and increase individual employee productivity.Other Exceptional Reports –
New Hires Report
Terminated / Resigned employees report
Transferred Employees Report
Pay on Last month, pay on this month if any changes (Gross Pay)
Salary on hold
Active employees not getting paid
Employees without bank account
Promotions & Salary Increments Report
Project Wise time sheet for labour contracting companies
Other Optional features –
Memo & messaging between users within the system to remind completion of important items,
Manage travel arrangements and leaves,
Engagement and Talent Management of employees,
Performance Appraisal procedures,
Managing employee training requirements /data,
HR analytics, Recruitment and offer-roll-out,
Accommodation module,
Transport and Vehicle Expense Management modules,
Payroll processing definable as per the company policy,
Final Settlement on Printable formats are possible,
Other Exceptional Reports –
GTNA (Gross to Net) Report,
Net-pay Report,
Results By pay-group Report,
YTD Employee Wise Report (Deduction & Earnings),
YTD Outlet Wise Report (Deduction & Earnings),
Passport & Visa Expiry Report – (Outlet wise),
Sick Leave Report Outlet Wise,
Turn Over Report (Resigned, Terminated, Hired, Abscond),
Nationality wise Report with Employee DOJ, Name, etc.,
General Report with all common fields in the master form (exportable in CSV, excel, word),
Annual Leave Report Employee Wise with break down,
Annual Leave Report Outlet Wise,
General Comments Report,
Bio-matrix Attendance Summary Report
Contract wise Duty Roster