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Business houses need their workforce be connected always from anywhere and collaborate official documents and communications for better productivity. In this 24/7 world, every organization would like their data be available to their employees on their fingertips in their own devices.


Time lost is Money lost! And, Office 365 is of course a money saver!


MS office remains the most popular Office Business Application (OBA) suite which consists of MS-Outlook, MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint etc.… Since the time personal computers intruded into our walks of life every other computer savvy person had one or other file created by using these tools. But their shared and online usage out of their local area network were not really materialized before cloud based applications came into existence. Office365 is one of the best answer for the quest of how to get data synchronized online.


Office 365 provides online versions of MS-Office tools along with few additional features such as skype for business usage, SharePoint, Office Online etc… Only thing need to be ensured is adequate internet connectivity. Let’s have quick look into the features:


Work from Anywhere
Able to access and work on the office documents including outlook emails from anywhere is biggest boon of using Office 365. Moreover, it allows synchronized copies to be retained on up to five devices per user.


Office 365 is one of the best collaborative tool to avoid duplicating files in individual folders and ensure access to most updated version always. Automatic versioning and immediate access to the archived files comes handy when verification required.


Security Features
Adequate and most updated security features are the highlight of Office 365. It has in-built spam filters and anti-virus packages. Backup and restoration features also is associated with it. So, the application itself removes the concerns related to the data security.


Subscription based usage
The best part is that a user can select the applications required and pay only for the subscribed features for a period. You may add or remove them as and when required. Paying a lumpsum amount for never used applications are becoming a thing of past already.


Facts Computer Software House is proud user of Office 365 and is reaping its benefits. Please consult us if you require any assistance in migrating into Office 365.

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