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Recently ransomwares are in news and really disturbing many organisations by compromising their data security and above all asking for ransom money to decrypt it!


Number of cases reported about files getting encrypted on computer’s hard disk/network storage after opening an attachment (word/excel file) which comes in email silently. The hacker then claim large sum of money for releasing the key to decrypt the files once the files are encrypted.


We have been receiving lot of support requests from our customers about such incidents from spammers and hackers who try to acquire sensitive information from users such as files, email, usernames, passwords, and credit card details etc.


Email recipients are often deceived by phishing attempts since messages appear to be sent by legitimate and trustworthy sources.


There are new malware software which is getting downloaded on your computer while browsing internet/installing software without the user’s knowledge.


Also users are directed to a fake websites and asked to enter private information. In the event that you receive any email or software from unknown source, close the message immediately and delete it from your computer.


In FACTS office, our email traffic is filtered and our network and servers are protected by various security solutions including firewall, Antivirus and Antimalware etc. which protects our computers against the threats mentioned above.


We wanted to raise the awareness among our esteemed customers about the new challenges / threats and we hope you have taken necessary action to protect your business support systems which is critical for the day to day operations.


Please take regular backups of your database, reports and application files and folders to a safe external device and keep it away from the regular network so that in advent of emergency situation you may resume the operations at the earliest. Please do feel free to seek our help in situations on