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There is news of rampant virus attacks being reported from everywhere. Some of them are of very serious in nature and wipes out entire data!


So just thought of caution you about taking adequate precautionary mechanisms as part of your business continuity plan (BCP) and to bring back your business on track with minimal shutdown.


Please follow below given steps religiously to avoid data loss in case your IT infrastructure gets compromised by malicious virus attacks / ransomwares such as Locky / WannaCry.



1.Take regular FactsERP / FactsBMS database backups from the server.
2.Take backup of entire FactsERP / FactsBMS folder from your server to an external hard drive and keep it away from the regular network.
3.Do not overwrite the backup files being taken at least for a month. If you overwrite you may lose entire backup if the latest file is affected by virus.
4.Enable firewall and ensure usage of updated anti-virus packages in your machines.
5.Educate your users about the virus penetration through emails and make sure they do not open any suspicious attachments or visit any weblinks unnecessarily.




We hope your IT team is already taking care of it.


To start with, one of our engineer will visit you (if your sever is situated in and around Dubai) to take the latest backup and will hand over it to you for safe keeping. Our personnel will provide guidance on how to do it on regular basis. In an emergency, it will help you to restart your operations quickly.


This initiative is to protect your data as we consider our success is tightly tied with your success and business continuity. if you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.


You may send mails to or call on +971 4 3511 377


Please read the following weblinks to get some more information about the cyber-attacks being happening around the world.


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UAE is second most targeted country in Middle East and Africa for ransomware


Locky shuts down Middle East businesses for ransom money


A large-scale cyber-attack involving ransomware causes severe disruptions around the world


Your data is precious! Secure IT!


With Regards,