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Greeting from FACTS Team! Wishing you the best this season.


On the basis of a recent study we conducted, close to half of the respondents intends to upgrade to our latest Generation 3 FactsERP within the next two years.


Respondents are anxiously looking at accessing new functionalities.
They want to implement applications and modules which will boost their team’s productivity.
From these enterprise-wide projects, they are intending a transformational change in their daily business operation
We have also found that, while upgrade plans differ across industries and geographies. And a good number of respondents are making plans to upgrade in the near future.


How can our FactsERP Generation 3 Solution help you?

A new outlook of your Corporate which can compete with the world.
Re-engineer your company processes and fuel an increase of your team productivity.
A quick response to your customer’s current needs and market changes.
Accomplish operational excellence for your business process from procurement to processing to final dispatching/shipping.
Quick decision making capability and improve real time access to data.
Innovate / re-organize your processes as per the best industry specific practices.
Constantly monitor your business using BI Reports and benefit from the budgeted verses actual reports.


Salient Features:

Inbuilt Chat system – internal communicate within the system to action items / reminders / assign Task to your work force
Global Search Engine – Searches within the system to search invoices / items
KPI (Key Process Indicators) and BI (Business Intelligence & Graphical Data presentation)
Automated capability to send Reports as SMS and emails
Mile stone management accounts payable and receivable with reminder setting capability
Enhance Chart of Accounts & and easy to use accounting treatment/entries
Real-time Accurate & Reliable Reports
Fully customizable solution based on the user requirements
HR & Payroll Management suite made, based on UAE Statutory Market Requirement
Enhanced Fixed Assets Management module
Improvised Estimation Management Module with customized reports
Barcode scanning enabled ensuring quick stock entry and dispatch
Real-time Data for your workforce
Enhanced Multiple Locations Stock Control
Definable Groups / Analytical Fields in Accounts & Stock Master
Activity / Cost Center for Analyzing Accounts Transactions
Exportable reports in different formats like Excel, PDF, etc.
Document Expiry Alert systems on your log-in desktop screen.
Improved Postdated cheque control modules
Visual report generation based on user parameters like pie charts, bar charts, etc.
Locally developed for UAE market with quick after sale support & service track record
Enhanced Inventory Control and with automatic Accounting entries on real time
Multi-Currency maintainable for every Account
Customer Credit Limit Control
Multi-user Access and Restriction Control can be set by the administrator
Multi-level and hierarchy based approval system
User access & Enriched Job costing and Estimation Management Module



FactsERP delivers an engaging user experience and stream-lined navigation. You can get the intelligence and prominence you’re seeking to make decisions and do your job effectively. Your workspace becomes a window into your entire personal work environment. It changes the way your work gets done.


Integrate-able with other applications and data sources (like bio metric machines / systems). You can connect it all. Whether you are pulling data from your financial or supply chain management solution, a common language easily connects all your systems. Integration that is not affected by upgrading.


Enable you to drive your business to new levels.
Please feel free to contact us for demo. As always, we assure you the best of our services.