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Uses And Benefits Of WhatsApp In An ERP System







The ongoing digital revolution and the emergence of new-age technologies have drastically transformed traditional business models over the last decade. In today’s multi-channel world of voice calls, email, chats, and messages, consumers prefer interacting with brands the same way they communicate with their dear ones. More users are increasingly leaning towards using messaging apps to reach out to brands.

In this changing aspect of business, we at FACTS believe in adapting this change in such a way that it will become an add-on to our customers. That’s why we have developed the facility to integrate WhatsApp, one of the popular messaging app which has become the preferred communication channel for communication with FactsERP. This has opened a whole new world of possibilities in the business prospects to our customers.

Impact of WhatsApp Across Different Business Verticals

It is a common fact that WhatsApp has become the most popular messaging channel worldwide. With more than two billion of its users, this popular instant messaging channel has unfolded numerous opportunities for brands to connect and communicate with their end-users. There are many advantages of using WhatsApp as a part of your business process.

• Realtime Conversations: Customers prefer having real-time conversations with brands and not just responding to one-way messages directed at them. WhatsApp addresses this issue by delivering a high-quality, reliable two-way messaging service around the world.

• Share your brand in every conversation: WhatsApp drives strong customer relationships by providing brands with a secure, personal environment to have one-on-one communication.

• Media sharing: Not just for the conversation, but WhatsApp also provides media sharing which is an added advantage for businesses to keep the customer base excited.

• Global reach: WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in more than 100 countries, with a global customer base of more than 2 billion, making it a perfect channel for businesses to reach captive audiences.
Benefits of Integrating WhatsApp with FactsERP

There are several reasons why each business firm could highly rely on using WhatsApp as a part of their business process.

• Add-on to the sales team: This feature helps the sales team to connect with the internal team to coordinate effectively and communication with the clients also becomes easy through this platform. Relevant conversations can be added to FactsERP against respective orders/ enquiries.

• Order tracking/ Order processing: As WhatsApp could be accessed from anywhere, the order details can be updated even while the sales executive is at the client location. These messages can be integrated into FactsERP and relevant communications can be attached to respective orders.

• Easy communication: Internal and external communications become easier with a feature like WhatsApp. Messages of any format can be shared, making it further convenient for the users. This can be stored in the ERP for future follow-ups.

• Privacy: The integration of WhatsApp with FactsERP does not invade the privacy of the user. The official communications and personal messages are clearly distinguished, and only the official messages are synced with the ERP system.