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FactsWMS – Best Warehouse Management System Software


Warehouse Management Software
Although warehouse management software can be quite expensive and difficult to implement, the cost and complexity of this ERP implementation will surely be justified due to the numerous benefit it brings to the organization. Benefits like decreasing errors in picking and shipping goods, improving customer service and allowing the organization to manage the most current information on activities like orders, shipments, receipts, and movement of goods.

What is Warehouse Management Software?
A Warehouse Management Software (WMS) is an HR management software that is designed to facilitate management to regulate and administer warehouse operations right from the moment goods or materials enter a warehouse until they move out. These operations include organizing, daily planning, organizing, staffing, management of available resources, in a bid to support staff in the act of material movement and storage in a warehouse.

Types of Warehouse Management Software
Depending on the size and nature of an organization, the Warehouse Management System comes in different types and implementation methods. They can supply chain execution suite in an organization or can be a stand-alone system in a larger enterprise resource planning system.

WRS also varies in complexity as an organization, depending on the size, has a different way of implementing it. In many cases, small organizations use a simple series of hard copy documents or spreadsheets files while most larger organizations tend to use a more complex warehouse management software.

WMS can also be built by some organizations from scratch while it can also be implemented from an established vendor, though the latter is more common.

Some WMS setups are specifically designed for the size of an organization while some versions of the WMS products can scale to different organization size.

Benefits of Warehouse Management Software
Being one of the best ERP software, WRS has various benefits that can bring to an organization. The benefits include;

  •  Improve inventory accuracy
  •  Improve responsiveness and flexibility
  •  It allows the organization to manage the most current information on activities like shipments, receipts and any movement of goods
  •  It helps an organization to reduce labor cost
  •  It decreases errors in picking and shipping goods

Features of Warehouse Management Software
WMS has many features that describe a variety of standard warehouse elements, these includes
1. Labor management: WRS assists warehouse managers in monitoring employee’s performance by using a device called key performance indicators which indicate workers who perform below or above the usual standard.
2. Warehouse Reporting: The software helps managers analyze the performance of warehouse activities thus finding areas to improve on.
3. Pick-and-pack task: It helps worker use the task interleaving function to guide the pick-and-pack task in the most efficient way
4. With this HR Management Software, Expected Labor Productivity rates increases by function or activity.
5. Receiving and put away: This ERP implementation allows inventory retrievers and put away with a pick to voice technology to assist warehouse workers to detect goods easily.

Warehouse Management software is one of the best ERP software that assists the organization to achieve its long-term goal and objectives and concurrently minimizing organization labor cost efficiently.