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How does the FIFA World Cup 2022 bring economic growth to Dubai?


The 2022 world cup has come to an end, causing major impacts throughout the globe, good and bad impacts. From Celebrating Argentina’s great victory to Riots caused by losses, these are the minor impacts that are caused, FIFA 2022 has caused changes in the economy. 1.2 million tourists from all over the world visited Qatar during the world cup, and Dubai – the top tourism destination on Earth – saw a significant increase in tourists as well. Dubai’s economy is one of the most promising economies worldwide and after the series of matches it has improved drastically they have also invested approximately $1.7 billion in tourism, and this large investment led to Dubai being the first choice of every tourist.

After Expo 2020, Dubai had a similar increase in tourists due to Qatar’s limited capacity to accommodate all of these visitors. This led to a rise in the economy, Residents of Dubai have been going out to watch matches throughout the world cup, and these things have caused major rises in the overall economy of Dubai. Many residents are turning their homes into short-term rentals for fans attending the World cup 2022, the last time Dubai saw a demand for short-stay units was during Expo 2020.

Visitors also made impacts on F&B, Real estate, tourism, and the hospitality sector by going to restaurants, living in hotels, visiting tourist attractions, etc. This will increase the use of public transport such as taxis, metro, and buses. Another usage that will increase is apps such as Careem, Talabat, Uber, etc.

Qatar Airways had recently signed deals with Flydubai, Saudia, Kuwait Airways, and Oman Air to assure regular flights to take ticket holders back and forth from Doha this increases the tourist population in Dubai. This rise in tourists will significantly make a good change to small and medium-sized businesses. Businesses such as Yasa announced an exclusive package that consists of a stay in five-star hotels in Dubai, private plane or chartered flights between Dubai-Doha, Limousine rides, and luxury arrangements. However, there were many options that are more affordable than private planes and limousines.

In conclusion, Dubai is positioned to make a significant impact on the world stage due to its rich culture, beauty, and avant-garde infrastructure. Dubai’s potential as a tourism destination will be more widely known due to the FIFA World Cup 2022.