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HR & Payroll software in Dubai

Work from home or remote working is an agreement between employees and company or office from a non-office location. In the recent COVID 19 pandemic issues it is advisable to work from home. The major concern of a company is how to monitor the output of an employee in this situation. Definitely, a good Human Resource or Capital Management (HCM) can help a lot in this situation. The key is to create better work from home policies that sets the goals and clear objectives. Policies and communications help the team to be connected and productive if they are away from the office.


FactsHCM can easily help in this scenario, as a subject matter expert and a dedicated HCM solution. FactsHCM can play a pivotal role in this. Designed as per the industry-accepted standards FactsHCM easily manages the entire organizational requirements and answers to your problems.


FactsHCM turns your tedious work from home issues into a few clicks. FactsHCM also ensures government compliance to avoid company risk in meeting federal and state rules, regulation, and reporting requirements. It is easy to design powerful, customized reports to draw insights and analyze your company’s data at the touch of a button. HR managers and CEO’s can access the system from any part of the world to generate their own customized reports. Very simple to setup customized time slots for each employee who works in multiple locations and flexible schedules.