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The Best HR Software in Dubai

Navigate the complexities of HR management with FactsHCM, a comprehensive and customizable HRMS solution designed for businesses in Dubai.


No.1 HRMS in Dubai

Complete HR Solution for the Middle East region

Do you want to streamline your recruitment, performance, payroll, and attendance processes? Do you want to access your HR data anytime, anywhere, on any device? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need FactsHCM.

FactsHCM - The Complete HR and Payroll Software in Dubai

Whether you are looking for HR software or any convenient payroll solution, our integrated HRMS software embraces a flexible Human Resources management system that helps in improving your administration and payroll processing functionalities like recruitment, onboarding, and talent retention. 

We deliver you a hassle-free experience with powerful reporting and Business Intelligence tools embedded in our application like Time & Attendance Management and Asset Management tools.

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What Makes FactsHCM the Best HR Software in Dubai?

Easy Access To ESS Portal

Internal employee portal accessible on multiple platforms like mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Mobile-First Web Application

An enhanced web application that can be easily loaded on mobile devices for a better user experience.

Learning & Development

Corporate training programs to upgrade the employee skill set for increased productivity and better

Talent Management

Efficient planning & management of skilled resources

Manpower Budgeting

Plan, manage, and control your company's HR budget

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Generate Customizable HR Reports With Our HRMS Software

You can create and customize various reports that suit your needs with our HRMS software. Some of the data that you can automatically generate from our ERP Systems are: Gross to Net (GTNA) | Net-pay Reports by Pay-group | Year-to-Date (YTD) Reports by Employee and Outlet (Deduction & Earnings) | Passport & Visa Expiry Report | Leave Reports (Sick and Annual) | Turn Over Report (Hire and Exit Reasons) | Nationality Report with Employee Names | Date of Joining (DOJ) | General Report with All Master Form Fields (CSV) | General Comments Report | Biometric Attendance Summary Report (from Biometric Database), and more.

FactsHCM Modules

Our recruitment module comprise of candidate database with details like – offer date, name, position, nationality, outlet, status, contact, email, and locations. Option of attaching Curriculum Vitae in MS Word / PDF format. Offer Letter Form – generation of printable offer letter format. Facility to onboard a candidate to an employee in the HR module. Follow-up status and audit trail of correspondence of each candidate.

Accommodation Unit (Rooms) master with tenancy contract with expiry details, the number of persons for each category, other facilitates like landline telephone and internet connections. Allocation of room/ bed to respective staff using the best HR and Payroll UAE Generated availability and vacancy reports. Company Asset / Consumables issuance, both refundable and non-refundable.

Empowering your employees by giving them a do-it-yourself filing privilege to simplify filling their claims, reimbursement, leave applications, checking employment history, checking status, seeing payslips, document requests, and more with our employee self-service portal.

Vehicle Master with service contract dates, etc. can be fed into the system. Records of maintenance carried out on each vehicle. Records of fuel filling details with odometer readings. Salik Recharge Expenses; vehicle-wise can be tracked.

Track and manage your employees’ working hours, overtime, leaves, and absences with ease. Integrate with biometric and card-based systems for accurate and automated data capture. Generate reports and analytics for payroll, compliance, and productivity with our time and attendance module.

Evaluate and reward your employees’ performance based on predefined criteria and goals. Set up appraisal cycles, feedback forms, ratings, and reviews. Monitor and track the progress and outcomes of each appraisal. Identify training needs and career development opportunities with our performance appraisal module.

Manage your company’s assets and inventory with efficiency and accuracy. Assign assets to employees, departments, or locations. Track the usage, maintenance, depreciation, and disposal of assets. Generate asset reports and alerts for timely actions with our asset management module.

FactsHCM Features

Time Tracking & Management System

Our time-tracking HRMS software is user-friendly, unified, and globally accessible. This ERP will help your organization reduce costs, track and penalize employees, minimize compliance risks, and increase workers' productivity.

Payroll & Compensation Management

This HRMS is designed to address the full spectrum of enterprise payroll needs, workday allocation, deductions, split payroll, and more. The software provides flexibility and control of pay to the entire workforce, irrespective of where they are in the GCC.

Attendance Machine Integrations

Through us, your IT department may arrange for your network to have ODBC connectivity to the attendance database for automatic attendance data pulling using time attendance biometric machines to fetch attendance data. This user-friendly system operates in Multiple Departments, Branches with Multi-user Access & Restriction Control.

Efficient Talent Acquisition

This FactsHCM's recruitment module is the best HR and Payroll System in the UAE, an end-to-end talent acquisition module designed to help organizations find, share, engage, select, and promote the best internal and external candidates.

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