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According to the Annual Economic Report 2018 the total labor force in the UAE in 2017 was 6447.2 thousand. The rate of employment was about 78.3% of the total population aged 15 years and above and majority of them are employed in small business sector. For business partners it is enhancing crucial to control record of employee time and attendance and bring the right software to govern business further accurately.

Turn to the business category, limited business holders can have distinct category of employees as daily wages, temporary, contract workers, remote employees etc. with fixed or flexible timings and shifts according to their duty roasters.  The substantial challenge here is to coordinate duty and authorize available workers to each duty on time with no setback and capture time used on each job precisely.

In case that your business operates somewhat 100+ workers, a customized in house software or a cloud based custom software can take care of workers scheduling, attendance, time tracking and shift management with a proper absence request to systematize payroll calculation automatically.

Human Capital Management System (HCM) (also known as Human Resource Management System or HRMS) is a computer program that automates the execution of human resources operations and activities of a small business or management.

An HCM software has the capability to manage and track your employee’s enrollment or employment records. It also guides employers to capture rhythm around recruitment, appraisal, benefits, terminal settlement etc. The demand for human capital management software for a small organization cannot be limited because of its tremendous convenience.

The core of an HCM system is deliberately moving close to the next intelligent phase, which is Employee self-service (ESS). The Employee self- service interfaces support in gathering and promulgating HR info, which simplifies the departmental assignments in HR departments after all it grants employees to have approach to amend their records.

It is performed by moving HR info from client server architecture to a web-based application particularly an HTML 5 based system, which permits enrolled employees to provide an opportunity to access the system at multiple convenient locations over the internet.

Workers can request HR officers to amend general tasks such as personal information’s, leave requests, late coming, regularize attendance, loan requests, petty cash reimbursement etc. This will save an enormous cost of your organization more than this all the transactions are recorded digitally in the software and because of this additional workforce which is necessary in the HR department will be reduced.

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