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Importance of eCommerce integration with an ERP system

importance of erp

The recent pandemic has changed the world in every way, and we can see a significant shift in customer behavior. People prefer to buy products online other than going to a retail store. As a result, a large number of businesses shifted to eCommerce. The UAE retail e-commerce market reached a new high of $3.9 billion in 2020, up 53 percent year on year, due to the pandemic. The main challenge now faced by each eCommerce business is managing their business efficiently by maintaining customer satisfaction. When your customer’s demand increases it will be difficult to handle out-of-stock order management, manage online and offline inventory, and other tasks. Furthermore, if you manually process orders and deliver them, you may fall short of meeting the customers’ delivery expectations. The solution for the existing problem is integrating your eCommerce with your ERP system. 

There are a limited number of excellent enterprise resource planning solutions that can be integrated with your online store. This procedure will enhance both your customers’ shopping experience and the efficiency of your store. Additionally, it assists in delighting customers by facilitating transactions with ease and accuracy. We’ll look at some of the many advantages that ERP eCommerce integration can provide.

Customer Satisfaction

Integrating ERP software for eCommerce can also help your business interact with consumers in person and increase the trust factor. It is not only about process automation, accurate order tracking information, and inventory status at the web store not only improve business efficiency but also build customer trust. So customer satisfaction works in your favor like no other marketing technique ever has.

Realtime data availability and insights

The ERP-eCommerce integration not only updates the correct inventory balances on the eCommerce store in order to avoid accepting orders for out-of-stock items, but it also takes into account the quantities sold/ordered on the eCommerce site in near real-time. Predicting the timely availability of inventory levels at any given time is critical for procurement to make purchasing decisions, reducing the possibility of lost sales and customers.

Better Data insights

You can see cash flows, balance sheets, and income statements that provide financial clarity with ERP integration. To be more specific, the integrated solution can track orders, customers, leads, customer service, taxes, shipping, and delivery time. All data, including customer, order, payment, and shipping information, will also be transferred and synchronized with the ERP software. The more business data that is integrated with ERP software, the more accurate information is collected and presented for business transformation. This also helps with budgeting and planning, as well as creating a solid strategy.


You do not need to rely on multiple systems for payments, inventory management, customer relationship management, packaging, shipping, analytics, and so on. ERP keeps all data in one place and allows you to control every aspect of your company’s eCommerce from the platform. ERP integration can assist businesses in accepting new orders, completing them, and providing customers with real-time account information to improve customer experience and satisfaction. Without ERP- eCommerce integration, software and manual processes can become overburdened, resulting in system slowdowns, poor performance, and other errors that jeopardize business efficiency. Your business may be put at risk if you do not implement an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that integrates seamlessly with your eCommerce platform.

FactsERP is a perfect choice for businesses that are planning to integrate their eCommerce platform with ERP software. For businesses with an eCommerce store, our ERP software enables precise, compliant, and effective integration. FactsERP assists you with data entry automation, shipment tracking, barcode and QR code scanning, and other tasks. FactsERP provides an easy-to-use yet powerful solution for simplifying your business growth with its cutting-edge features.