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Best Job Costing Software in Dubai

Our Job Costing Software helps you with pre-contracting and post-contracting, by understanding and analyzing the project cost at every phase and thereby, turning the insights and reports into profits. With our job costing feature, cut your project costs and make your business profitable.

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With this Job Costing Software, the Sky is the Limit.

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  • Service Industries
  • Constructing and Contracting Companies
  • Manufacturing and Distribution Companies

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Key features

Comparison of Costs with Job Budget

Allows you to compare the actual costs of a job to the budgeted costs. This can help you identify areas where costs are running over budget and take corrective action.

Invoice Time Tracking

Helps you track the time spent on invoices, this can help you ensure that invoices are accurate and that you are billing your clients for the correct amount of time.

Estimation and Quotation

Create estimates and quotations for jobs, this can help you win more business and ensure that you are profitable on each job.

Cost Budgets and Budgetary Control

Create and manage cost budgets, this can help you control costs and ensure that your business is profitable.

LPOs & Fixed Assets Management

Our ERP allows you to manage LPOs and fixed assets. This can help you keep track of your assets and ensure that they are properly maintained.

Job Overhead Allocation

Our job costing software allows you to allocate overhead costs to jobs. This can help you ensure that your jobs are profitable.

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Other Features

  • Preparation of estimates and quotations
  • Flexible chart of cost accounts with unlimited levels
  • Supplier last price inquiry with complete purchase movement analysis
  • Online stock Inquiry, part number enquiry, account balance enquiry
  • Progressive invoicing / retentions
  • Full-fledged labor cost calculations and allocations to jobs
  • Automated overhead / indirect expense distribution to jobs
  • Complete order processing, local purchase orders, open LPOs, purchase confirmations
  • Elaborate supplier age analysis
  • Consolidation of the statement of accounts, group companies statement of account, daily bank position, monthly comparisons, etc.
  • Automatic landed cost calculation for purchases
  • Integrated material requisitions, issues, issue returns, direct job purchases
  • Stock control with multiple units and various conversions
  • Damage and other outgoing entry for perfect inventory management
  • Customer last price inquiry with complete sales / purchase movement analysis


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