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Best Manufacturing ERP Software In Dubai

The Complete Solution for Improved Productivity and Efficiency. Our specialized features, including inventory management, order management, and sales and purchase order tracking.

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Reduce wastage, increase ROI.

Streamline your manufacturing process, manage supply chains with reduce wastage and with the best business management techniques of the ERP system. We help you in planning & monitoring production – all of these in a single ERP software – FactsERP.

Optimization of the Production Process

Optimize your Production Process using the most efficient and profit-boosting ERP Software for continuous production and sales. FactsERP provides real-time information at each phase of the process, yielding optimum results.

ERP Software for Small Medium Enterprises

Get an over all information about the total cost of a particular job or the consolidated daily bank position, or monthly comparison reports with our ERP features. Each job sheet breaks the costs down in terms of direct materials, direct labor, and manufacturing overhead assigned to a specific job.

Financial Accounting

Inventory Control

Production Management

Let's Boost Your Business with FactsERP

Our robust system helps increase profit and market domination while trimming overheads with accurate inventory status reports and helping in operational excellence. We thus Provide With relevant information for a quick decision-making process, helping you take wise decisions to enhance your business.

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Key Features

  • Bill Of Quantity for standard Production based on formulae
  • Material Issues / Stores Requisitions
  • Finished Goods (Production) Entry with complete Costing Calculations
  • Material Consumption Calculation
  • Work-In-Progress
  • Production based on Orders
  • Full-fledged Labor cost calculations and allocations to each batch of Production
  • Automated Overhead / Indirect Expense distribution
  • Complete Order Processing, Local Purchase Orders, Open LPOs, Purchase confirmations
  • Elaborate Supplier age analysis
  • The system can amalgamate the reports in various customizable & consolidated report formats.


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