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Microsoft Dynamics AX


Due to the fierce competition in the ever-growing industries, many organizations have seen the need to upgrade their ways of integrating business activities and take control of their operations to stand out and promote growth. This has resulted in the adoption of various ERP software that can perform these tasks efficiently and effectively. They need software that can merge with others like Microsoft Office, BizTalk Server, Microsoft SharePoint to connect customers and employees by integrating all business activities and this brings us to the multilingual resource planning named Microsoft Dynamics AX which is specifically designed for midsize and larger companies.


What is Microsoft Dynamics AX?

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a leading, and multicurrency ERP solution facilitates the full range of business process due to its core strengths in manufacturing and e-business. With its complete end-to-end flexibility and scalability, Microsoft Dynamics enables multinational companies to take control of promotions and provides powerful functionality for the wholesale and service industries. Full integration of this software helps to raise collaboration, lower costs and increase performance.


Importance of Microsoft Dynamics AX?

1.Financial Management: Microsoft Dynamics AX helps to deliver a range of commercial capabilities for the consolidation of accounts with subsidiaries or distribution centers worldwide. With this software, employees will be able to access detailed, accounting, reporting analysis according to customized security credentials.
2.Boost performance: Microsoft Dynamics helps an organization to plan and boost the organization performance
3.Quick decisions: It helps an organization in making sound and reliable decisions within a short period.
4.Customization: This ERP solution can be customized to help in collaborating more effectively with customers, employees, suppliers, and partners. Developers can edit, compile and design this ERP software within a single screen. This offers know-how at a customizable rate according to the organization’s need.
5.Globalization: Microsoft dynamics can help drive global business opportunities due to its ability to support high transaction rates and thousands of users across multiple sites.


Features of Microsoft Dynamics AX

1.Customized for the User: There is a customizable option for sales, marketing automation, customer service, reporting and analytics which is designed to fit the user’s role within the company
2.Thorough integration: This ERP software provides built integration which makes it easier to implement if the Microsoft technologies are already in use.
3.Protected IT investments: Microsoft Dynamics is an industry standard technology that can grow with your business thus providing updates and improvement to the software.
4.Capabilities offering: Microsoft Dynamics AX allows users to effortlessly analyze and update CRM with or without data connection with its offline mobile experience.
5.Guided User Navigation: This ERP solution has the feature to enables users to customize through instructions and video based on their role showing them what to do and how to do it.


Microsoft Dynamics is considered one of the best ERP solution due to flexible nature which delivers predictable results within a short period. Its excellent user experience and fast adoption make it the perfect ERP solution for your organization.