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Our process employs a hybrid method with aspects from both waterfall and agile development methodologies. This allows us to accelerate development and address changes through scoping study in project deliverables that can occur throughout the implementation process. The Waterfall methodology is the most structured of the methods, stepping through specific customer requirements analyzing, scoping/designing, and coding and testing in a pre-planned, successive, all at once sequence. Agile method in software development refers to a group based on iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams and with our Clients.

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Facts uses interactive and agile development methodologies such as SCRUM for application development. By breaking down projects into smaller interactions, we effectively speed up our delivery process. We use web-based project management and collaboration custom made tool to ensure our project stay on track. Clients are given access to these tools so that they remain updated on project status as we design, develop, test and deliver application.

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Customized ERP Strategy

Each client is assigned a base team that consists of:

As a client, you are always in control of the work and you are required to agree to each step in the Project.

Project Manager

Responsible for managing the implementation, project tasks, timelines and budgets

Software Architect

Responsible for creating the IA, UI architecture, design templates & prototypes

Multiple Developers

Responsible for implementing the creative, programming the systems and web applications.


Project Initiation

Phase 1

 The initiation phase of the project is when we explore and elaborate more on your requirements. Our goals are to understand all your requirements and provide you with a solution that generates a successful project that will bring you positive results.

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Project Planning

Phase 2

Before the development state, all lists of the client’s requirements will be uncovered during the earlier phase will be used to make a design. During our deign phase, one or more designs will be created by our team to achieve our project’s best target results.

Project Execution

Phase 3

One project may involve producing several deigns, which remain quite crucial to the success of the project. In some projects, particularly smaller ones, a formal development phase is probably not necessary.

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Monitoring & Controlling

Phase 4

Our team of experienced programmers will encode, design, and will develop the actual implementation of the project. At the end of the implementation phase, the result is tested and evaluated according to the list of requirements to perfect and finalize the project.

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Closing Project

Phase 5

After testing and development, we will transfer all deliverables to the client. From the press release, training, and implementation, we will be your companion. All future customization is possible through us.

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