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Our exclusive Recruitment Module enables you to manage your recruitment processes with ease. From screening the candidates to managing an employee database, the feature helps in efficiently handling of the recruitment within the organization.


Recruitment Module Exclusive Features

Application Tracking

You can easily view all applications, filter them by criteria, and keep track of the status of each job application.

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Scheduling Of Interviews

Create interview schedules, send invitations to candidates, and track the status of each interview.

Selection And Onboarding Process

You can easily create selection criteria, assess candidates, and generate reports on the selection process. Our onboarding process helps you to get new hires up to speed quickly and efficiently.

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Candidate Screening And Database Management

Our recruitment module makes screening candidates and managing your candidate database easy. You can easily create candidate profiles, store resumes, and track candidate progress.

Integration With The Website’s Career Page

Effortlessly integrate with your website’s career page. This allows you to easily post jobs on your website and attract top talent.

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