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A Tatmeen Compatible Software Solution

We provide a full suite of Tatmeen-compatible ERP software solutions to automate your operations in your pharmaceutical business.


UAE introduces revolutionary Tatmeen Project

-Whats is MOHAP’s Tatmeen Project?

Tatmeen is a very advanced platform for medicines and medical products that allows track-and-trace functionality. The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) launched this initiative to preserve the public’s health and enhance the safety of healthcare at all levels.

Tatmeen is built around GS1-128 barcodes, which are scanned when medicinal products enter the country and transit through the supply chain.

How does this track-and-trace system work?

Here, serialization is being used, which entails printing a 2D Matrix barcode that has been validated by GS1 as well as human-readable data on all secondary packaging for pharmaceuticals. This will give information about the medicine’s origin, validity, and safety to everyone associated between the production and consumer sides. As we move up the supply chain, let’s see how this works out for everyone.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers

Each item has a GS1 barcode printed on it. Manufacturers require a license from MOHAP in order to import medicines and medicinal products/ingredients.

Customs Departments

Before allowing the medicinal items into the country, customs officers would scan them to gather detailed information about them and ensure their legitimacy.

Suppliers of distribution and logistics ​

They also have the ability to scan the inventory and make sure it is safe for distribution. And also make sure the goods are supplied to the appropriate location on time.

Clinics and healthcare centers

Before dispensing products, medical professionals scan them to ensure their authenticity and expiry dates.

Patients and final consumers

Patients can scan medicinal products to verify their legitimacy and safety.

We can help you automate the Tatmeen process...

Our primary goal is to support the distributors, dispensers, domestic manufacturers, marketing authorization holder (MAH), and 3PL. In order to implement and onboard Tatmeen on SSCC, GTIN, serial number, and GLN, we will be providing Software Engineers and support. We can help you with the entire Tatmeen onboarding process. 

Key Features

  • FactsTT (PDA based scanning software for Tatmeen recommended barcode types)
  • B2B service user for API integration
  • Gateway for API calls/ Basic validations
  • Data matrix barcode segmentation
  • SSCC barcode label printing
  • Warehouse-to-warehouse transfer
  • Order processing (Preparation, Aggregation & Dispatching)
  • Proof of delivery
  • Return & Recall

We can serve as your ERP provider in a variety of ways…

Implementing FactsERP in your company

If you own a pharmaceutical business in the UAE and are looking for a new ERP. The finest solution for you is FactsERP. With our software, you can automate your business in a Tatmeen-compatible way.


Replace your existing ERP with FactsERP

If your current ERP is unable to handle all of these brand-new implementation challenges, you can switch to FactsERP.

Along with your existing ERP

FactsTT can be seamlessly integrated with your existing software to make your ERP system Tatmeen-compatible.


Top-tier consultancy on Tatmeen

We will provide you with next-level consulting on everything related to helping you onboard Tatmeen into your pharmaceutical company.