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The New Gem Added To The Dubai Skyline – Museum Of The Future


The long-awaited Museum of the Future in Dubai has officially opened, adding another breathtaking sight to the city’s expanding skyline. The museum has opened to the public after nine years of planning and construction. The building, housed in an impressive architectural structure embellished with lyrical Arabic calligraphy, aims to transport visitors to the year 2071 while igniting conversations on potential scientific and technical advancements. Although Dubai is not exactly lacking in impressive structures, the recently finished Museum of the Future is sure to draw attention even in this region of the world known for its avant-garde architecture.

It takes considerable effort to construct a one-of-a-kind structure in a metropolis like Dubai, yet the Museum of the Future represents a true engineering and aesthetic achievement. The museum itself is an engineering marvel and striking addition to Dubai’s cityscape because it is built out of stainless steel and glass. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, has already praised it as “the most beautiful building in the world” in honor of its magnificent architecture. The Future Museum in Dubai is a distinctive, para-metrically built shape that was inspired by human eyes and is defined by the team as embodying knowledge and future perspectives. It is perched above a grassy plateau. It is intended that the building’s circular, hollowed-out center will resemble the human eye as it looks into the future. 

The stainless steel front of the building is composed of precisely 1024 panels or the exact number of bytes in a kilobyte. We can infer that this is the reason it is a standing monument to technology. The Arabic calligraphy covers the museum’s $500 million front, which is illuminated at night by solar-powered LED lights, adding to the city’s nighttime dazzle. The three quotes from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum are included in the Arabic calligraphy on the museum’s facade. “The future belongs to those who can foresee it, imagine it, and construct it,” reads one of the quotes. Because of the Arabic language carvings that adorn the whole building, the museum is one of the most important cultural landmarks in the United Arab Emirates. The Arabic-scripted windows let in natural light during the day, while at night they use energy-efficient, low-resource LED lighting to illuminate Dubai’s iconic skyline.

The 77-meter-tall structure has 7 levels. There are various exhibitions on each of the museum’s seven floors. Development of extraterrestrial resources, ecosystems, bioengineering and health and welfare are the three floors’ main focuses. The last floor is devoted to children, while the other floors feature near-future technologies that address challenges with health, water, food, transportation, and energy. Undoubtedly, the museum has the power to help shape the future that we so urgently need right now. In addition to showcasing some of the most cutting-edge technologies now in use, the museum functions as an investment fund where young scientists and tech enthusiasts can obtain funds for conducting their experiments in the fields of math, science, physics, and technology.