Time and Attendance Software Solutions in Dubai

Best Time and Attendance Software Solutions in Dubai

The Time and Attendance management software is designed to facilitate a hassle-free attendance
control system for all kinds of businesses. This specialized HR attendance system module aids in tracking
the attendance as well as several other HR related functions of the company.

This attendance management program minimizes the manual effort and ensures that the attendance
management system functions efficiently and effectively, taking care of areas like late arrivals and early
departures, break assessment, management of working hours and biometrics system management.

Our specially designed time and attendance tracker software has the following processes integrated into
the software for better usability.

Shift Assignment Process
  • Shift timings and weekly holidays
  • Easy maintenance of change in shift
  • Shift assignment to corresponding employees
  • Aspects in the module: General shift, weekly shift, weekly holidays
  • The document is to be updated on a daily basis.
  Temporary Shift Assignment
  • Shift assignment is done for a particular period.
  • After the assigned period, the general shift will be resumed.
Duty Roaster Management
  • A date-wise and employee-wise report management system that generates the report of the
    tasks done, working hours, etc. in a systematic way.
Time & Attendance Data Integration Control Centre
  • The time and attendance data can be downloaded from the database using an Open Database
    Connection (ODBC).
  • The check-in and check-out time of each employee can be recorded using the Employee Self
    Service (ESS) module.
  • In case of missing attendance punching on the system, the entry can be done manually.
Validation and Publishing of Time & Attendance Data
  • A feature to validate employee codes and publish them for reporting.
  • The data units like the duty roaster, shift timings and break timings can be identified and
    compared for management purposes.
  • The overtime hours as well as the absent records can be updated on the ERP system.
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Time and Attendance Data Integration