Time and Attendance Management

Time and Attendance Management

Shift Assignment Process

  • Shift timings and weekly off are defined in the department master.
  • Shift can be assigned at employee master grouping options.
  • Shift change done through master maintenance transaction.
  •  Employee wise shift assignment can be done through Shift Assignment
  • Things to be specify – General Shift, Specific weekdays shift (if any), Weekly off.
  • This works like a linked list. Means there should be a replacement document to
    be updated from the next effective date.

Temporary Shift Assignments:

  • Which is for a given period only, then it will be reverted back to earlier
    permanent shift assigned.

Preparation of duty roster (final):

  • Duty Roster is the outcome of shift assignments, a calendar date wise-employee
    wise report, published in notice board for a week/month ahead.

Time Attendance Data integration Control Center

  • Download the data from the attendance database using the Time Attendance
    control center using ODBC connection.
  • Employee Check-In/ Check-Out time can be recorded through Employee Self
    The service module also identifying job/ project.
  • Time Attendance Clocking Data Manual Entry, especially for the missing clocking

Validate & Publish Time Attendance Data

  • Wizard to validate employee codes and publish for reporting purpose.
  •  Comparing the duty roaster, the shift start time, end time and breaks are identified
    from the attendance data using near proximity brackets logic.
  • Overtime hours / absent status is identified updated in the ERP.
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