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If your current software, which you are using is responding slower or working inefficiently, then it may be the time to upgrade. If you are having issues with your current software, then it starting fresh with the latest or up-to-date software can cure that and also help your business to get back on track.

You Know why and when you implemented the first ERP system, but you should also know when and why you should upgrade your existing ERP software. There is an urge to delay in upgrades because of previous inconvenience and cost. But when it comes to your existing ERP system, it is failing to implement new advances which can result negatively in companies growth.

ERP upgrade is a valuable asset that ensures growth and saving money in the long term.

When to upgrade?

If you are like most entrepreneurs, you may have grown to reach to your ERP’s little quirks. However, if those little quirks are preventing your organization from satisfying more customers, perhaps you should consider an ERP upgrade to increase efficiency.

Your ERP might be too old when any of the following apply:

New updates

When you can not get new updates. Users of many ERP systems find that the company that created the software has stopped giving support to their old version with new updates. Your ERP may still work for you on daily basis, but lacks incremental improvement is a sign that it will be outdated soon. If you just bought new hardware, e.g laptop, and you are not able to add your existing ERP, then it shows that the technology you need to run your ERP is leaving behind.


Multiple Systems

You are still using multiple systems for your organization. Your data should be in one place and easily accessible by the users with the right credential across the organization. If you have to look in more than one place for the information you need to retrieve, then it is time to upgrade.


Manual Input

If you still have to manually input data more than once then you should upgrade, because ERP supposed to solve this data entry problem. Sometimes you may be in the situation where you have to start from square one with your information or duplication is never something you want as it increases the possibility of errors and adds extra work, you need to upgrade your existing ERP


Reporting and data analytics

You are not satisfied with your current reports and analytics of data. The reports and data analytics are vital for modern business and are up to date, relevant, and user-friendly. If your current ERP is not giving you satisfying reports and data analytics then it’s time to upgrade ERP.

Facts ERP in Dubai, UAE can help you to upgrade your old ERP or multiple software’s into one full fledge ERP to streamline all your processes

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