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UAE's Top Trading And Logistics ERP Software Solutions

FactsERP is designed and engineered for trading and logistic companies. We help companies that trade goods and transport them from customers to suppliers or vice versa.

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UAE VAT Compliant Trading ERP

Adhering to cross-border compliance laws is an integral part of an effective ERP software. Therefore, FactsERP software solution for trading and logistic companies helps in the supply chain processes ensuring the goods are transacted and transported effectively and smoothly. Our trading and logistics ERP software can be customized to various industries and sectors such as fast-moving consumer goods, electronics, spare parts trading, and similar businesses.

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Streamline Your Business Operations

FactsERP has a user-friendly interface that provides a seamless and organized workflow. It helps the users to manage their operations with adequate inventory. Manage the supply chain by improving delivery performance and customer satisfaction. Check out some features offered by FactsERP.

Key Features

  • Maintains adequate inventory stock level using different valuation methods like FIFO (First in First Out), FEFO (First Expired First Out), LIFO (Last in First Out), weighted moving average, market value, average, or last purchase rate, or any other principle
  • Ability to manage retail and online sales with sufficient inventory
  • Print airway labels and invoices for placing orders.
  • Accept purchased returns by adding them to the inventory/damaged stock
  • Stock storage level management-prevention of overstocking
  • Avoid Out-of-Stock situations when Customer inquiries
  • Ability to update shipping and delivery details for orders
  • Manage multiple vendors/customers with the order details
  • Tracking of items based on various categories like Serial Number, Batch Number, and Lot Number
  • A full-fledged estimation management module with reports
  • Document expiry alert system
  • Postdated cheque control modules
  • Conversion of all reports in different formats like Excel, PDF, etc.
  • Visual report generation based on user parameters like pie charts, bar charts, etc
  • Windows GUI user-friendly operations
  • Integrated Inventory & Accounting Structure
  • Multiple Locations Stock Control
  • Multi-currency accessibility for every account
  • Definable groups/ analytical fields in Accounts & Stock Master
  • Customer credit limits control
  • Activity/cost center for analyzing account transactions
  • Multi-user access & restriction control
  • A proper fixed assets management module
  • Fully customizable solution based on user requirements
  • Stock Inward and Dispatch Management


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