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WhatsApp, as we all know, is one of the most used communication tools today. Having this tool integrated with an ERP system makes the software easier to use.  It is also effective for all the business stakeholders. This article helps us understand the uses and benefits of integrating WhatsApp into an ERP system.

Significant Uses of WhatsApp

When it comes to having WhatsApp in the ERP system, there are many uses that the tool offers.

Automated system: The ERP system can automatically fetch the registered mobile user’s details. The details will be recorded in the database for further communications.

Message from any screen: Messages can be shared through WhatsApp from any screen of the ERP system. This makes it much easier to share data with clients or colleagues.

Unlimited sharing of messages: Unlimited messages can be shared using WhatsApp. This includes text messages, images and documents of various formats.

Data backup: The data can be backed up for future uses when the communication is being done on WhatsApp.

Transparency: All the communication that happens on WhatsApp can be tracked. Thus, complete transparency of the data can be ensured.

Benefits of Integrating WhatsApp into The ERP System

Each business firm can benefit from the WhatsApp integration. Here are some reasons why we highly recommend the addition of WhatsApp to your ERP system:

Order tracking: Order tracking becomes easier using this special feature. Each order tracking recorded will automatically get reflected on the ERP system.

Order processing: Just like the order tracking, we can record order processing details promptly when it is done using the WhatsApp feature. This feature also becomes easier as WhatsApp can be accessed from anywhere. Hence, the entry can be recorded from client locations.

Privacy: While using the WhatsApp feature in the ERP system, the user’s privacy is not hampered. The official data and personal data are separated, and only the official communications are synced to the system.

Quicker response: Since WhatsApp is widely used by all, the response rate of the tool is also quite high when we compare it to other communication channels.

If you’re looking for an updated ERP system that features WhatsApp for its communications, reach out to us at for a free demo!