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What are the tips to select right ERP?

What are the Tips to select the right ERP

Today making purchases seems to be easier than ever before, click on the website, scroll, pay, and they are on your doorstep. It’s not quite easy, though, when you are buying enterprise software.

Here are 8 tips to help you buy the right technology vendor for your company.

Tip 1: Support matters, it matters in the new shoes you bought online and it matters in software and service you are looking for a partner whose product experts take pride in keeping your technology running and your company humming and it’s all predictable when the vendor focuses on 1 version of the product.

Tip 2: Service begins day 1: That means looking for a partner who will take responsibility for getting you live on time and on budget and make sure your vendor is having equally high standards.

TIP 3: Simplicity goes a long way: multiple versions and messy integrations, but it doesn’t have to be like this. Look for a partner who offers single software for all of the customers. A concept of 1 again goes a long time to make things awesome.

Tip 4: Dint overlook integrations: simplicity is the key but vendors still need to connect to other systems your organization has in place, so look for a system that can handle all kinds of integrations from the super simple to wildly complex and also support system of open APIs.

Tip 5: Take it to go: let’s admit the moment we wake up the bulk of our interactions is managed through our mobile or smart devices makes sure the vendor you are selecting offers a seamless mobile experience for your teams no matter where or how they are working and FactsERP offers productivity you are looking for.

Tip 6: Stay current: Just like we enjoy being updated in our personal life, you want a partner who tops tech to support your business and adapting new tech shouldn’t be complicated. You should never experience pain and the evolution of your era.

Tip 7: In it for the long run: you should look for a partner that can grow with you. As mergers did, acquisition nailed it. you want a partner who can help you with a complex changing business environment with the ability to move really quickly, you want your software to run on a common foundation and add building blocks to it, it should be secure but should give you the ability to either add or remove functional pieces as your organization changes.

Tip 8: It all comes back to trust – I know we are talking about an ERP but when you choose a vendor you are entering into a relationship and just like any good relationship you want someone who can actually take accountability for the challenges is honest about the good the bad and the ugly. In the end, you want a partner who is transparent about how your data is used and accessed about going maintenance and about everything that matters.

In the end, select the partner for the world where it is going and not where it is. For any concerns, write us or call: +971 4 3529915, +971 55 899 3902 or visit: